LEMR La Morgal Airfield (Asturias, Spain) 12

LEMR - "Aerodromo de La Morgal", Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) version 12 for FSW

  1. felixfer

    With ADE v1.65, I have made a few minor arrangements in my previous FSX-P3Dv4 version of this airfield, and I think it works in Dovetail Flight Simulator World.

    This is a basic scenery for LEMR La Morgal, enhanced in order to make it less sad than the default one, and a few more similar to the Google recent photos. I hope with this file your GA AI Traffic can have place for taking off, landing, refueling and sleeping.

    You can use as a Navigation Aid the MW Radio Antenna of Mount Naranco, placed between the airfield and the City of Oviedo, by tuning 729 kHz in yor ADF (Thanks to Francisco Sanchez 'Pacoldfield' for suggesting me this improvement).

    Please place the files "LEMR_FSW_v12.BGL", and "LEMR_FSW_v12_CVX.BGL" in the "Scenery" folder of the “Addon Scenery” folder of your FSW.

    Many thanks to Jon Masterson for his wonderful ADE.

    Feedback welcome. I hope you enjoy.

    Felix Fernandez de Castro (Oviedo, Spain) – felixser@telefonica.net