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Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by GooseWaffe, May 29, 2024.

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    Sep 22, 2021
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    Today I have my first scenario for you lot, it involves a simple mainline shunt from Guilford Up Carriage Sidings to Guildford platform 2.
    the scenario is based around the 22nd of Feb 2024 and as such all the numbers are correct for that morning.
    It's only a short scenario because I just wanted to play around with the editor.
    When on the mainline don't forget to change ends with Ctrl and +
    I'm providing a download link as I made use of MJW's Invisible loco and steam didn't like it

    Rolling stock: Class 455/8 and Class 455/9
    Portsmouth Direct line London Waterloo - Portsmouth
    AP Class 455
    AP Class 444/450
    MJW useful scenario tools (found here)

    Download it here

    Let me know what you think and if you have any advice for future stuffs.
    Have a gooden!
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    Sep 13, 2023
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    I'll test that :)

    Please consider uploading your scenarios to trainsimcommunity.com - the best site to host your stuff.

    And pack it from the Content folder up - as users may not know in which route folder to put the scenario.

    Your zip should then contain

    Content\Routes\00000084-0000-0000-0000-000000002018\Scenarios\2cbf5aed-c56a-4425-8e5f-3fb38e9a7aef\ folder

    Like attached, that makes installation easier ;)

    It's also a nice thing if you put your initials in the scenario name, some players like to know where its from. You've made a typo (Guildofrd).

    If you're not intending to reward tasks with a score, make it a Standard scenario. Career has a delay when finished, Standard gets back to the menu much quicker.

    Also, you've activated a lot of DLC which is not used in the scenario, but increases loading times.

    All that needs to be activated is DTG\Class455Pack02 and MJW\Common (DTG\PortsmouthDirect is activated on route level already). The AP\ assets do not need to be active, the AP EPs load them automatically when needed.

    2024-05-29 10_12_30-.png

    2024-05-29 09_37_06-Train Simulator (x64).png

    (I will remove the file if you wish of course)

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    Thank you so much!
    Don't know how i missed the typo haha.
    I tried to uninclude the extra DLC by unticking it and i assumed it had done it, how would I go about removing them?
    As for the file, you are completely correct, It should be the full folder.
    I'll look into adding score thank you

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