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A Couple Of Freight Queries

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by HappyJose, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. HappyJose

    HappyJose New Member

    Jul 29, 2018
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    My preference tends to be driving passenger services on TSW but I have an occasional dabble in the freight world.

    One query regarding freight I have is why is there no schedule for freight services in TSW?
    If for example I load up a freight service on TVL, I'm simply instructed to drive to say Tees Yard. I'm not told what time I should arrive at Tees Yard or given any timings for when I should pass stations or what would be regarded as timing points on route. Is there any particular reason for this?
    Obviously in real life freight has schedules planned just like passenger services and often its key for freight to arrive at a destination at a particular time.

    My other query is whether other users sometimes feel a bit confused by what they are being asked to do when operating freight?
    That might sound daft, but a service may start with you being asked to couple up to some wagons on a different line in a yard. Ok that sounds simple enough.
    However I don't find the route map particularly helpful for achieving this. It doesn't give location names or siding names that might make it clearer which wagons you are expected to couple up to. I think it could be clearer in showing which route needs to be set to achieve the objective.

    As I say I tend to like driving passengers from A to B but when I do branch into freight services I feel a bit like the game could offer some more useful information to help users.

    Sometimes with freight I feel a little bit im in the TV series Life on Mars, I've just woken up in a freight yard with no clear idea of how to get out of it, am I mad!? :)

    The views of fellow drivers on here is always appreciated.

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  2. matt4president16

    matt4president16 New Member

    Jun 30, 2020
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    I think you have some valid points. The map is all but useless. There is no information given other than your position on the line. It gives us options to "select things" but when i try to select anything nothing happens. I think the map should have stations and platforms marked and line speed limits as well for reference. if you want to play with all HUD assists off it is near impossible on some lines to know what you should be doing and nothign to reference.
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  3. Stockton Rails

    Stockton Rails Well-Known Member

    Mar 15, 2020
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    ...I’m going to chime in with you on the route map- it (sadly) is pretty useless. I do regularly make use of the ability to flip track switches on it, and track my relative position on the map (as well as tracking where other trains are)... but it could definitely use an overhaul and could be so much better.

    For one, I like your idea of listing max track speeds in a given area or run (though local signals could always override this of course). I’d also like to see station and yard names added to the map, as well as ‘represented area’ limits clearly shown on the map so no one accidentally exceeds those limits and gets ejected out of their session. I’d start with these changes... there are probably many more folks can come up with.
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  4. antony.henley

    antony.henley Active Member

    Jul 6, 2019
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    The route maps need to have the Station names and Yard names for destination purposes on them or just the Yard name. I was annoyed when they said nothing has been done tot he route maps. I dont mind the look down but it would be nice to have the names of sidings, Stations a, depot and Yards on them.
    Not overly worried about speed signs and all.


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  5. Plastic Pal

    Plastic Pal Well-Known Member

    May 12, 2020
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    Try doing a stopping service with the Class 101 on NTP.... late at night....... it's just a black screen for almost the whole journey. You have to use the HUD as there is absolutely nothing else, other than signals and sound, to give you any indication of where you are. No AWS either.

    It's a proper navigational challenge - driving on instruments and (expected) passage of time between stations - almost completely blind...... Possibly the hardest challenge in TSW (I don't use the HUD for next signal, but you need the speed limit indicator).
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