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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Alex_m30x#7297, Jan 19, 2021.

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    Hi all,
    A few things that i think need to be implemented to tsw2
    Firstly i bought tsw2020 on the disk, so is there anyway to get those dlc added on to my xbox account so i can play them on tsw2, as if you bought the game you get them so there should be a way to get the dlc you bought on disk.

    Secondly you should be able to go through red signals but come to an emergency stop and have to go through the procedures, especially on the Bakerloo line as many a time I've lost all progress as i forgot to look at the signal, and having to go through a procedure but continuing would be much better in my belief.
    Feel free to add any more suggestions in the comments
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    I agree that going through a red signal is kind of irritating, however I believe that passing a red signal can mess up the dispatcher. In real life, if a driver passed a red signal, I believe that they are taken off duty and have to do some training and review the incident. The only time they would drive would be to the next station, I think.
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