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    Aug 21, 2019
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    So, I've been thinking of a few things I think will enhance the simulation. Here's the list.
    - Varied Liveries on the 166 and HST, such as GWR plain blue with random generation.
    - Varied formations, such as the ability for a few 6 coach services in service mode
    - Increased passenger count, particularly on trains during rush hour and at London. It currently feels desserted.
    - Working passenger information screens / announcements on stations and trains. Particularly services departing Reading, you tend to either end up going the wrong way or not stopping at the station tou wish to stop at (As passenger) This will also add to realism and benefit both newer players and the experienced.
    - One final extra thing I feel would be nice is random events during service mode, such as train break downs, signalling problems and cancellations as per the real world. However I feel this would only work if the station and on train information as stated above is implemented.

    These are mostly based off experience with the GWE Add-on, as it is the only one I own, but some could be worked into the other routes.

    - Also. Bug fix in regard to the numbers on the HST powercars displaying as 00000.

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