(abandoned) Philippine National Railways: Luzon System (discussion And Reporting Thread)

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    This thread is for Discussion about the route and Contacting for Route Collaboration.
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    29 May 2020

    The Following will be Collaborated: (Experts and Route Builders are welcome):

    PNR Current Project.png
    • Scenery
    • Terrain Paint
    • Clutter
    • Trackside Lofts
    • Roads
    • Because this is a higher amount of assets in actual route, I recommend limiting the scenery to 1000 assets. This prevents the game from crashing when playing this route.
    • Do not attempt to edit the Tracks.bin related files (Tracks). Otherwise it would be corrupted.
    • The Paints may vary on the route.
    • No custom freeware assets from other sites (UKTS, etc.). This prevents the player to download many requirements. Only the ones sold on steam and one freeware pack (below) is only used.

    Route Requirements:
    • Christrains NS Station Objects and Scenery (Download here, Requires v4.31 and up)
    • LGV: Marseille Avignon
    • LGV Rhone-Alpes and Mediteranee Route Extension
    • Frankfurt U-Bahn or The Kyle Line (Just Trains Common Library Used)
    • WCML Over Shap
    • EU Loco and Asset Pack
    • US Loco and Asset Pack
    • UK Buildings Model Pack
    • Hamburg - Hannover
    • Railworks UK LED Signals
    • Berlin - Leipzig
    Requirements may subject to change without notice.
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    8 June 2020
    Additional Guidelines for Collaboration

    Once NSCR North, NSCR South is finished, I will release the "For Collaboration Use" in Resources section. To collaborate:
    1. Use this thread here.
    2. Wait for my confirmation.
    3. Read the guidelines for collaboration above in Post #2.
    4. Download the route in Resources tab.
    5. Extract the archive in your suitable location.
    6. Once revealed as the route is in .rwp, use Utilities.exe to install the route via Package Manager.
    7. You can find the route in "Build" named: Philippine National Railways Luzon System.
    1. Wait until what is asked to do!
    2. Do not edit Tracks.bin related (All data of the track as well as linked objects. Include but not limited to: Signals, Speed Limit posts, Platforms, Markers, etc.)
    3. For changes, detail the task, date and time for each.
    4. Do not attempt using 7zip or other archiving program to extract the route! This may cause problems to you TS Installation!
    5. Always launch the x64 version when testing or collaborating the route.
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    14 June 2020
    Notice: Please standby where the route will be uploaded (collaboration copy). Tried the "Resources" section but it fails due to size of the route (and even split to pieces in an archive).

    Collaboration Date: Once all track work and signals/speed posts/bridges/platforms are finished.
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    18 September 2020
    --Requirements List Update--
    Items in Mandatory:

    Items in Optional (But Recommended):

    1. You have to use the latest version. (Requires 4.41 and above.) Note: If Chrome Blocks downloading the file before finishes, only option is "Discard", "Keep" or "Learn More" (External link). If you choose "Keep", scan the file for safety and security before commencing install. Attempt at your own risk.
    2. This fixes some problems on Mannheim - Karlsruhe version of ICE 3. It will override some files on the "RhineValley1" assets. If you uninstall the .rwp file (fixes), you have to verify your game files for sure and/or clear cache in the game.
    3. Under Evaluation and Testing. It will be removed as a requirement once fails the evaluation.
    4. No files will be overridden in the process. This is optional, but recommended.
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    28 September 2020
    --Requirements Update as Requested--
    As of 28 September 2020:
    DLC (Payware):
    1. Academy (Passenger Entry/Exit)
    2. Hamburg - Hannover (Core Track Rule, Tracks, German Signals, PZB (ATP)/LZB (ETCS) Systems KM Posts and Waterways)
    3. LGV: Marseille - Avignon (Catenary LGV, TVM430 (ETCS) Signals, Neutral Sections, Pantograph Changeover Points, Embankment)
    4. LGV Rhone Alpes and Mediteranee (Catenary 25kv)
    5. Just Trains Common Library (Catenary for LRT Line 1 and 2)(Requires The Kyle Line or Frankfurt U-Bahn or ECML North)*
    6. WCML Over Shap (EPS Speed Limits, Flanges, Warning Signs)
    7. EU Loco and Asset Pack (Speed Limits, People, Water)
    8. US Loco and Asset Pack (Speed Limits Pass/Freight, People)
    9. UK Buildings Model Pack/APStation (Sheds)
    10. London Faversham High Speed (Sheds, Pantograph Changeover Points, Bridges, Viaducts, Tunnels and Fences)**
    11. RSSLO Tirol: Brenner - Kufstein (ETCS Balises, Catenary (Mainline), LZB Trigger)
    12. Railworks UK LED Signals (AWS/TPWS Magnets (Mainline Only), Buffer Lights)
    Packs (Freeware):
    1. Christrains Scenery Pack (Station Objects and Scenery) with ATB and ETCS Balises v4.41 (Download here on ChrisTrains)
    2. ETCS Signals (Download here on Rail-sim.de)
    *I am not sure if ECML North has this pack in Steam Version.
    **Available for TS2014 base package. Some Sheds will be replaced with Christrains Station Objects and Scenery v4.41.

    Rolling Stock (Not Mandatory for QD Only)(Mandatory for Scenarios)(Limitations: Not the same as planned, No reskins to prevent damaged installation except Class 800/802 and licensing issues on actual units)
    DLC (Payware):
    1. TSG DB BR 425 (Steam Version)(Pro Range)
    2. ICE 2
    3. Mannheim - Karlsruhe (ICE 3)*
    4. ICE 3 BR 407 (Velaro D)
    5. ICE T
    6. Munster - Bremen (vR DB BR 145 EL and Freight Containers Used)
    7. vR DB BR 101 EL (Steam Version)(Pro Range)
    8. OBB 1016***
    9. TGV Duplex****
    10. TGV Reseau and RDuplex
    11. Class 68
    12. Class 92
    13. Class 158
    14. Class 170/171
    15. Class 222 (Steam Version)(Pro Range)
    16. Class 390 S9BL (GNER and ICS livery only)
    17. ECML: London Peterborough (Class 801)
    Freeware Reskins: (Superalbs)*****
    1. Class 800/802 GWR Reskin
    2. Class 800 Hitachi White Reskin
    *Please see Post #5
    **Retired in real life but can be considerable due to DMU use in Long Haul. Can be removed as a requirement if necessary.
    ***Included in Payware Route #10 (Separate Asset)
    ****Included in Payware Route #2
    *****No generic White model for Class 802 Needs Class 800/802 reskin to make the Hitachi White Reskin to work.

    Some edits were made. Missing Velaro D in Scenario use and link correction for freeware reskin
    Final Edit: ICE TD DLC was removed
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