Aberystwith And Welsh Coast Railway

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    Some time in the future, once everything else is fixed, etc.... I suggest a trip to the Cambrian Coast..... circa 2010... The route could include:

    - Machynlleth to Pwllheli, and
    - Machynlleth to Aberystwith

    And...since this is mostly a coastal railway (and there are only so many ways you can draw the sea)..., and a lot of it is single line running, it might be possible to have a bit more route length, so you could also run from:

    - Machynlleth to Shrewsbury

    The 2010 era would not include any freight, unfortunately (unless someone out there knows something that I don't...!), but it would include:

    - a clutch of Departmental Class 97s (some ex 37/1s and a 37/2, I think...), freshly repainted and/or suitably modified from TVL....
    - Class 158 Multiple Unit
    - the opportunity to model ETCS/ERTMS operations, for those that are inclined to support twenty-first century European standardisation of railways....
    - the ETCS fitted locos could be used to "pilot" some steam trains, so you could get (towed) steam engines into TSW, without having all of the difficulties associated with design and simulation of all of their mechanics
    - there'd be no pressure to run the trains on time, because there isn't much pressure to run trains on time in real life anyway.... (just joking...maybe...)


    - the route interfaces with some interesting Welsh heritage railways, for those more interested in the nineteenth century....., particularly at Minffordd where the route passes under the Festiniog, Tywyn where it runs alongside the Talyllyn, and the terminus at Aberystwith shared with the Vale of Rheidol, as also mentioned here as a suggestion for TS2019:

    Could be a lot of fun to build out... and with some static narrow gauge steam engines in the background, could be a nice bit of a tease.... ;-)

    I would, of course, prefer a couple of test tracks first, as described here:

    Anyway - I am very interested to see what the next route content will be in Train Sim World, and it would be super wonderful great if the content is held back for a few months while everyone concentrates on testing and fixing the existing content, and making the UI a bit more functional, etc.... (.......**ducks**........)
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