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About Tsw Rapid Transit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Welxx, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Welxx

    Welxx New Member

    Mar 12, 2017
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    I finally had the time at yesteday evening to test the new DLC.
    Here are my thoughts after driving quite much with the Train Simulator.

    - The map looks good and seems to look real enough
    - It works fluently
    - Driving the train feels nice
    -The route has been chosen well, it is quite interesting with the Leipzig City Tunnel

    -The destination signs, station displays and displays inside the train are missing (i know Dovetail is working with this, but it is still a a big pity that so important areas are missing from this kind of a simulation)
    -The same way all the announcements in the trains (next station is.... etc.) are missing
    -There are several graphics bugs (shadows, etc., all described in the bug discussion)
    -The cities and streets are so empty, no cars anywhere (i thought that this was the case in Train Simulator due to an engine not capable for creating more street traffic)
    -There are not enough passengers in the trains and in my opinion too few passengers come in the train or leave it

    One more thing and that is related to the game modes. First of all if TSW tries to be a simulation, finding showels etc. things are definetely not needed - please concentrate in doing the simulation as well as possible. And secondly, i still don't quite understand the Service Mode. I thought that in this mode you could really start a service and drive the train as long as you wanted according to its schedule. But no. When i reached the end of the line, i was told to get out of the train and when i went to the cab in the other end of the train, i got a message that i had no right to drive this train. In addition to that i was locked up in the train.

    Why is it not possible simply to start driving a train according to its schedule and continue that as long as you want to - just by driving the train back?

    This DLC could be a really good simulation of the Leipzig S-Bahn, but the bugs must be fixed as soon as possible and it is also needed to get the train displays and announcements to work as soon as possible. Otherwise this will be just a new trial to make a good passenger train simulation.

    I wish that someday someone would make a so detailed simulation of a passenger train that there would be even simulated conductors in the trains checking the passenger's tickets. :)

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  2. ASRGT

    ASRGT Active Member

    Dec 19, 2017
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    200% agree that the passenger information system , station announcement, train information system ect ect is sorely missing , these systems need a bit more priority in my opinion. The biggest issue I personally find with GWE and RT is simply that the line its self and stations feel lifeless and static , and these systems do allot to aid in immersion and help bring routes to life.
  3. Maaaaaxz.

    Maaaaaxz. New Member

    Jan 7, 2018
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    They should also add at least one new Trains. So it isn't so boring and so that there's more Traffic and you don't have to drive the same Train over and over again.
    A BR181 (with "Doppelstockwagen" ) would be nice.

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