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Achievements For Future New Dlc.

Discussion in 'Xbox One' started by ComesBrothers, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. ComesBrothers

    ComesBrothers New Member

    Mar 24, 2018
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    From what I have assumed there will be some DLC in the future and probably also some new achievements will come with it.
    I don't know if you Developers have meetings about the achievements etc, but me as a gamer and player who likes to enjoy games and get achievements in certain games, I would like to give advice and give my opinion about it.
    For now, I have 1000 GamerScore and have completed this game for the Xbox One.
    So It would be cool if we players can give advice on the next achievements and maybe they can be implemented?

    Here are my ideas for achievements:

    Driver Level 50
    Put an achievement for getting a certain driver level. You could put level 100, but remember, on Xbox you have players who want to get achievements easily and fast. Don't put achievements that are too grindy, too long.
    I'm now driver level 22, after I've done all scenarios and some services. So a reasonable achievement could be achieve Driver level 25 or achieve driver level 50.

    Sign Achievement
    Point at a sign. Point at signs for several seconds. Point at every sign in a ride.
    This is like Japanese train drivers, they have to point at every sign, maybe you can call the achievement something like: "Japanese Train Driver".
    The meaning is, you have to use your Right stick and aim at the sign and look at it for a certain amount of seconds. You can put an easy achievement in it like : "Point one time at a sign", but a more challenging achievement would be like: "Point at every sign from A to B". And make sure it is not from station to Depot, so make it a few minimum miles. "Point at every sign in a track with a minimum length of 30 miles"

    Extra Points
    You should put an achievement like the Formula 1 series. Put an achievement like: Complete a service without assists.
    The points you earn while driving the train should also be different, because now it doesn't matter if you have all assists ON or OFF, you still get the same amount of points.
    I think you should get more points (and level up faster) if you use less assists. (like derail on/ off, show markers on/ off, show HUD on/off)

    Complete X services
    Put in an achievement like this and people will play services.
    As for now:
    1. Class 66 DBS 13 services
    2. Class 166 GWG 166 services
    3. Class 43 GWG 95 services
    So put in an achievement like: "complete 10" or "complete 25" or complete "100" full services.

    Complete a ride with DSD & AWS
    Complete a ride with DSD & TPWSIS
    Complete a ride with DSD & AWS/TPWS

    This should be a nice achievement: complete a ride from A to B with DSD and AWS on ON
    Class 43 GWG DSD & AWS
    Class 166 GWG DSD & TPWSIS
    Class 66 DBS DSD & AWS/TPWS

    I'm really curious what you think about it, please let me know and hopefully when can make this game wonderful.

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