Add New Functionalities To Older Loco Dlcs, Too!

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    I don't know how it is on routes other than the German ones so I'm focusing on the German routes in this post.

    So on the new route Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr we have the new train BR 425. On the destination board you can select all of the relevant lines for this route. Same applies to the BR 422. But I noticed that if you go into the BR 146.2 you can't select the lines of that route. Maybe that's because you can't choose the BR 146.2 if you don't have the BR 146.2 in another route?

    These are the selectable lines in the most recent passenger trains:
    Green are the options from Rapid Transit, red are the options from Main Spessart Bahn and Ruhr-Sieg Nord. Black is the rest.

    Some notes on those options:
    - "Leerfahrt zum Betribswerk" is misspelled, it should be "Leerfahrt zum Betriebswerk".
    - I realized the BR 164.2 doens't need the "---" because you can turn it off with a button.
    - In the BR 422 on Rhein-Ruhr Osten you have a larger pool to choose from, even from previous route DLCs.
    - In the BR 422 on Rhein-Ruhr Osten "EB Schweinfurt Hbf" is misspelled and should be "RB Schweinfurt Hbf".
    - In the BR 146.2 "EB Scweinfurt Hbf" is misspelled again but differently. See above.

    I think DTG should make it so that all options from the destination boards of all routes should be available in all locos. They should make all locos have this list to choose from:

    Nicht Einsteigen
    Leerfahrt zum Betriebswerk
    RB33 Essen
    RB33 Aachen
    S6 Essen Hbf
    S6 Köln-Nippes
    S2 Essen Hbf
    S2 Dortmund Hbf
    RE42 Münster (Westf) Hbf
    RE42 M'Gladbach Hbf
    RE11 Hamm (Westf) Hbf
    RE11 M'Gladbach Hbf
    RE6 Minden (Westf) Hbf
    RE6 Düsseldorf Hbf
    RE2 Münster (Westf) Hbf
    RE2 Düsseldorf Hbf
    RE1 Hamm (Westf) Hbf
    RE1 Düsseldorf Hbf
    S9 Haltern am See
    S9 Wuppertal
    S3 Köln
    S3 Essen
    S3 Oberhausen
    S3 Hattingen Mitte
    S1 Essen
    S1 Solingen
    S1 Dortmund
    RB48 Wuppertal-Oberbarmen
    RB48 Köln Hbf
    S5 Hagen Hbf
    S8 Mönchengladach
    S9 Haltern am See
    S9 Wuppertal Hbf
    S8 Hagen Hbf
    S2 Markkleeberg-Gaschwitz
    S8 Magdeburg Hbf
    S2 Leipzig-Connewitz
    S2 Leipzig Messe
    S2 Leipzig Hbf
    S8 Halle(Saale) Hbf
    S8 Dessau Hbf
    S2 Delitzsch unt Bf
    S2 Bitterfeld
    RE Siegen Hbf
    RB Iserlohn
    RE Hagen Hbf
    RB Finnentrop
    RE Würzburg Hbf
    RB Wiesbaden Hbf
    RB Schweinfurt Hbf
    RB Heigenbrücken
    RB Lohr Bf
    RB Gemünden(Main)
    RE Frankfurt(Main)Hbf
    RB Bamberg
    RB Aschaffenburg Hbf

    I know this is a big list and it can get messy and take longer to choose from but i think its still worth it considering you only do that once at the beginning. And maybe DTG can find a way to sort of filter the entries that are shown on a route. But it should be route-dependent not loco-dependent.

    They should make a central pool of destination board options in the game that every installed DLC adds its destination board options to. Then all of the locos can have access to this list. This way all the loco DLCs don't have to get updated every time a new route is added.

    I also think they should add some general-purpose entries for when the existing entries don't fit your purpose or there is not the one that you need. For example:
    - "Regional-Express" (what RE means)
    - "Regionalbahn" (what RB means)
    These aren't bound to a specific service.

    What do you guys think?
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