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Additional Services (for Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-aachen)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Higgybaby90, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. Higgybaby90

    Higgybaby90 Active Member

    Dec 10, 2016
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    like many others I really like the way you are going right now.
    And I hope it will not stop with new content only for new routes.
    Many of the ingame routes could look much more interesting, busy and crowded if some more work is putted into it, often we already have the (more or less) fitting rolling stock somewhere (or upcoming)

    That's why I thought to start this, I want to make a list of what is and what could be (starting today with Köln-Aachen) in Service Mode (since I'm German, this will probably be mostly talking about German services and routes)

    First egional traffic but also possible (or possible upcoming) Long distance services will be noted (Hope I can update it, when more trains get announced). So I will Focus on locos/trains we know will be coming from the road map.

    Some sources:
    Map of RE/RB lines in NRW:
    DB schedule for several stations (enter the name of the station you want):
    "Elektronisches Kursbuch" from DB (enter the name of a station on route and look for the schedule):

    Regional traffic:
    RE 1 Aachen-Köln-(Düsseldorf-Duisburg-Essen-Dortmund-Hamm) using BR 146+Dostos (MSB) in real life and ingame.
    RE 9 Aachen-Köln-(Troisdorf-Au(Sieg)-Siegen) using BR 442 and sometimes BR 146+Dostos (MSB) in real life, ingame only BR 442
    S 19/13 Düren-Köln-(Troisdorf-Au(Sieg)) using BR 423 (HMA) in real life, ingame BR 422 (RRO)

    Additional possible (only trains that could be added with existing stock or upcoming):
    RB 33: Aachen - (Mönchengladbach-Duisburg-Essen) using BR 425(HRR) in real life, this train would be an AI train mostly, maybe a few depot runs could be drivable in Aachen BW (runs every hour)
    RE 4: Aachen-(Mönchengladbach-Düsseldorf-Wuppertal-Hagen-Dortmund) using BR 111+Dosto
    (in RRO DTG used the BR 146 (MSB) instead of the BR 111, maybe the same could be done here) like RB 33 it would be mostly an AI train except some depot moves (runs every hour)
    S12: Horrem-Köln-(Troisdorf-Au(Sieg)) using BR 423 (HMA) in real life (could add an 8 stops line ingame every 20 minutes)
    RE8: (Mönchengladbach)-Köln Ehrenfeld-Köln Hbf-(Koblenz) using BR 1440 and BR 425(HRR) in real life could be added with BR 425 from HRR (or sometimes it used BR 143+Dosto (RSN) in the past) could add 2 stops every hour
    RB 27: (Mönchengladbach)-Köln Ehrenfeld-Köln Hbf-(Koblenz) using BR 425 (HRR) could add 2 stops every hour
    RE6 : (Minden-Dortmund-Essen-Duisburg-Düsseldorf-Neuss)-Köln-(Köln Airport) using RRX Desiro HC in real life, but before 2019 BR 146+Dosto (MSB) was used (DTG did use this consist for RE6 on HRR already) AI train only to make Köln Hbf busy every hour
    RE7: (Krefeld-Neuss)-Köln-(Wuppertal-Hagen-Münster-Rheine) using National Express BR 442 before 2015 BR 112+Dosto (Lübeck-Hamburg) was used (and DTG used BR 143+Dosto for this train on RRO) AI Onlly train to make Köln Hbf busy every hour
    RE5: (Koblenz)-Köln-(Düsseldorf-Duisburg-Wesel) using RRX Desiro HC in real life but before 2019 BR 146+Dosto (MSB) was used. AI only train for Köln Hbf every hour
    S6: ((Köln Worringen)-Köln Nippes)-Köln Hansaring-Köln-(Düsseldorf-Essen) using BR 422 (HRR/RRO) inreal life, could add 2 stop S-Bahn service and use the 422 for real
    S11: (Düsseldorf Airport-Neuss)-Köln Hansaring-Köln-(Bergisch Gladbach) using
    BR 423 (HMA) in real life, could add 2 stops on S-Bahn

    Ingame: ICE line Frankfurt (Main) Hbf-Bruxelles Midi using BR 406

    Possible Additions: Some ingame ICEs do run with 2 units until Köln Hbf and split there. One unit becomes the ingame ICE to Aachen and the other unit goes to Amsterdam. (And in the other direction they get coupled to run to Frankfurt together both trains are BR 406) Examples:
    ICE 10 leaves one unit for the depot in Köln
    ICE 12 first unit to Bruxelles, second unit as ICE 122 to Amsterdam
    ICE 15 gets coupled with ICE 153 from Amsterdam (ICE 15 first)
    ICE 19 gets coupled with ICE 159 from Amsterdam (ICE 19 first)

    ICE Line Basel-Köln using BR 403 (HMA) ends/starts in Köln Depot(every 2hours) Example: ICE 106 Basel-Köln
    ICE Line (München)-Stuttgart-Dortmund few trains via Köln Hbf with BR 403 (HMA)
    Example: ICE 516 Stuttgart Dortmund (AI only and changes direction)
    Few ICE to Amsterdam using BR 406 (SKA) starting/ending in Köln Depot
    Several BR 403 (HMA) ICEs during the early morning, late evening starting/terminating in Köln Hbf Example: ICE 827 Köln-München

    Many ICs end/start in Köln Hbf and the yard using BR 101+IC cars (BR 101 DLC) and often for switching the BR 363 (BR 363 DLC) is used in the Depot west of Köln Hbf
    One IC a day leaves Aachen (IC 2255) to Berlin via Mönchengladbach (not via Köln!!) Dep 07:08 and comes back as IC 2258 Arr:19:52

    All this, I just did to give DTG a small idea of what could be done on SKA just for traffic and "short runs" ,mostly to get one of the biggest stations in Germany's rail network alive
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  2. breblimator

    breblimator Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2019
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    I am still wondering why the railway sidings and yards are so empty. I think it's a matter of saving resources / computing power - a bit sad though :)
  3. KyleL

    KyleL Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2020
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    Oh interesting idea
  4. breblimator

    breblimator Well-Known Member

    May 1, 2019
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