PC Ai Train Blocking Other Trains On Kwg

Discussion in 'TSW Troubleshooting & Issues Discussion' started by Br425, Sep 14, 2022.

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    I was driving the ICE 887 from Kassel to Fulda, but when I was just about to approach Fulda, there was a red signal that stopped me. I checked the map and saw this:


    You see my train up in the top and an AI train (a Talent 2 from Köln-Aachen) standing kind of in the way. It was heading south, but somehow decided to stop right there.

    It did not at all start to move and blocked several other trains coming from other portals or from behind me. I had to exit the game, because otherwise, I would have had to wait forever. This was probably at about 22:45, as I left Kassel with my ICE at 22:21 or so.

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