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    The Route of the AKN line A1 from Hamburg-Eidelstedt to Neumuenster is a diesel route with single track sections and double track sections. It starts at the S Bahn station Hamburg-Eidelstedt on the Route from Hamburg to Kiel close to the Depot of the ICE 1 and 4 in Hamburg-Eidelstedt and ends at the Station Neumünster which is again on the route from Hamburg to Kiel. The A1 services service in 10-20 minute intervals and are driving through Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The Route is 62,6 Kilometers long and has 26 Stations. The services are driven by the AKN mostly with the lint (DB BR 622) and sometimes with the VTA (LHB VTA) which are diesel trains.

    Wikipedia Article about the Route:
    The Lint:
    The VTA:
    A german video about the AKN:
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