Amtrak Northeast Regional Trains Still Stopping At Secaucus Station.

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    A group of my friends and I were discussing how we don't like the fact that the Northeast Regional trains still stop at Secaucus New Jeresey Transit Station. It is an unrealistic operation. I know that there has been an update where, the Services were updated to only make the stop hourly, which is a slight improvement. We would like the Secaucus stop removed from ALL services and scenarios. Please remove it Dovetail!
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    Dec 9, 2016
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    To add to this discussion, the stop at Secaucus was reduced to an hourly rate in the services but Amtrak simply doesn't service this station and I think in light of that fact, the services should be amended so that there are no more service stops at secauses.

    As far as the scenario(s) go:
    Unplanned stops are fine, but forcing the driver to open the door is unrealistic as there was no plan to stop there. There will be no passengers on board wanting to disembark at Secaucus and there won't be anyone on the platform looking for an Amtrak service.

    Suggested solution:
    1. Remove all future service stops at Secaucus for Amtrak trains.
    2. For unplanned stop, remove the 'open door' objective and let the driver wait short of the signal at the platform edge instead.
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