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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by deanmacgregor, Dec 28, 2020.

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    Oct 13, 2020
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    Hi guys, looking for either anyone from shropshire/shrewsbury/Wem, anyone that knows the area or just anyone willing to help. Looking for route building helpers and people to advise me on this project.

    I wish to recreate the line from Shrewsbury to crewe, with a view to focusing first on the section from Shrewsbury to Wem.

    I grew up in Wem and it would be amazing for me to have this line in train simulator. I'm hoping Bossman Games's shrewsbury station is in the right coordinates as I want to import terrain and google map data. I intend to edit welsh marches route to include the line to crewe and at some point in the future, to include the line to birmingham.

    I'll import terrain data for the line and as a test, I'll go to the buffers on the track towards Birmingham and see if its created the dip for the river in the right place. If the terrain data is in place, then I'll import the google map data and lay all the track first.

    I would like help with placing immediate surrounding scenery on the section to Wem. I'll look for cab videos on youtube and look at street view on surrounding roads along the line to build up a realistic picture of the route. I can't make custom signs and objects so I may pay someone to make custom assets for me, but I'll probably leave that until the route is finished.

    I would set up a shared folder on my Google drive and when either of us have done any work to the route, we upload with V2,V3,V4 etc at the end of the filename. Anyone in? Or any advise?

    Many thanks.
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    I live in Codsall, so interested in Shrewsbury - Wolverhampton (or on to Birmingham).

    I think the very first step is to define the era to be modelled, then your design philosophy. Will you want custom assets? If so, who will make them?

    What will the route dependencies be? If you have a lot that allows greater realism, but will discourage uptake by users.

    What level of detail are you looking for, what quality standards are you looking for?

    I think the next step is to see how much interest there is. Discuss things with those interested and then set out a plan for what you want to achieve and then see how many really want to commit to delivering.
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    You need track elevation data, without this you may as well forget about the project, and even then with DEM, track and signal data, Google map overlay and cab ride videos you may still have issues merging with the existing routes.

    Not trying to put you off, just be aware there's more to route building than laying tracks and trees.

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