Euro Fishing Anyone Willing To Talk A Total Noob Through Tackle Choices?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ichiha68, Mar 22, 2022.

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    So I don't fish in real life, but enjoy games such as these. I have no idea what to use, how to set up rigs, or what fish prefer what areas. Feel like there's a real defecit in the tutorials of these games, maybe there should be a question like "do you know how to do this" lol.

    I've done the tutorial so understand what buttons do what, and am currently carp fishing. I'm using the haichou 9ft rod as it's the only one I have, with the carp beginner reel and korda 12 touchdown line. I'm using a korda chod rig 8 with pop up sweetcorn and bread crusts (because these float above the weeds router login?).

    Unsure how to progress from here. Does the second reel you unlock 'go' with the second rod and so on? What does it mean when the reel lists a gear ratio- why is that important?

    I'm working towards getting the bait shack big pit reel 1000 and the bait shack 12ft pro rod as these seem to be the next unlocks in the 'carp' corner of the tackle shop.

    Cheers everyone. Teach a man to fish and all that
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    I just bought "the catch" and "euro fishing" in a bundle. I am playing the catch right now but I also peeked at euro fishing, and since they look very similar, what i have learned about the catch may apply to euro fishing as well.

    I only have to buy anything once and then I can use it multiple times. For example, I bought 1 rod and now I have 3 of them equipped in the same tackle box. I also used it 3 more times in a new tackle box. Same for reels, lines, baits, hooks, lures, etc.

    TP is easy to accumulate. Buy as you go or save for a larger rod. I found that longer rods (10-13 ft) work best.

    This game allows you to equip any "line" on any reel. I bought one 40 lb test and use it on every rig.

    Gear ratios in reels are simply an expression of how many times the reel spool turns each time you turn the reel handle. So a 6.4:1 ratio means that for every one revolution of the reel handle, the spool turns 6.4 times.

    The catch has certain rod/reel that are better for short baitcasting and bass fishing so be on the lookout for the same in your game.

    Good luck.

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    you can totally mix and match rods reels and line etc in euro fishing. no noticable differences really. Bait and hook sizes do make a difference though. You use silt rigs ( brown paddle ) in muddy bottom weed rigs ( green paddle ) in weed and gravel rigs on gravel (White paddle). Use a size 6 hook for appropriate bottom, use hi- vis pop up or tiger nuts for better stamp of fish. If you use a silt rig on a gravel bottom this wont stop the fish picking up but it will slow down the pick ups slightly.
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    All baits.catch all fish there no difference between any rod or reel

    Max line all fish

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