Ap Class 87 Cab Texture Patch

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    I released a cab texture patch for the AP class 87, but within days, AP updated the 87, rendering it unnecessary, and they did a great job. However, I have released another version that offers subtle improvements while retaining the great lighting and transparency changes implemented by AP.

    • Desk Formica surface more textured and higher resolution
    • Additional scratches and wear
    • Dial backgrounds lightened so as to not look overly black and aid more realistic shadows in sunlight
    • Dial surround bezels retextured to be more prototypically metallic and with retaining screws
    • Unlit dial needles not as bright in daylight
    • Marker lights dimmed so as to not be as bright as the headlamp, and made more yellow as is more typical
    • Line and Train Heat indicators easier to read
    • Coffee cup stains added to second man’s desk
    • Push button switch bezels desaturated and darkened
    • Main train brake handle boss not as bright
    • Brake overcharge plunger retextured
    • Glass not as opaque in certain conditions
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