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    G'day guys

    I'd like to propose DTG look into creating Western Australian or Queensland rail operations into thier game

    I specifically mention WA and QLD due to the larger variety of rail traffic over a comparatively smaller rail network, rather than dedicated lines for dedicated services (eg, all traffic sharing the same track vs dedicated track for passengers or goods). WA and QLD also have a mixture of operating gauges, both using standard gauge of 4'8 1/2" and the same narrow gauge of 3'6", with some areas of electrification via overhead lines. Both the standard and narrow gauges can merge into dual gauge

    Some services/rail traffic examples are;
    - narrow gauge electrical suburban trains
    - narrow and standard gauge DMU regional passenger services
    - narrow gauge primary resources (grain, coal, alumina, iron ore, wood chips, lime, bauxite)
    - narrow and standard gauge mixed fright traffic, including cross continent intermodal services
    - standard gauge resource traffic (iron ore, coal, grain, cement, fuel, industrial processing acids amongst other dangerous goods)
    - road/rail and sea/rail terminals including shipping ports and shunting yards or depots

    Some of these services, particularly iron ore services, can also feature DPU services linked via the locomotive onboard computers for those drivers looking for an extra challenge

    I hope DTG takes some of this into consideration, I feel it's been a missed opportunity for a long time as there is no (to my knowledge) Australian train simulator routes, locos, or rollingstock

    Feel free to Add on in the comments below
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