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Be Me.

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by Killjoy Dos, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Killjoy Dos

    Killjoy Dos Member

    Nov 20, 2018
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    Lake boulder. Fishing the DFL bass tournament. Afternoon. Slightly overcast with i believe a pinch of wind. Pitchin a spinner bait around some heavy cover. Alls good. Hit. FISH ON! its a long nose gar. and it ate my spinnerbait. Like, ate it with its elongated snout thing with teeth. Ah well. Throw it back. Fast forward. Sunny. In some lilys throwin a topwater frog. Big bass everywhere. “Gonna win some moneh today” boom. FISH ON! walleye. ah well. Keep fishin. Lets try a senko. Fishin fishin. bam. HES GOT IT! 30 plus pound muskie. Tighten drag. Intentionally lose fish as not to waste precious time. Lets throw a 7 inch long swimbait over here on this drop off. I marked some decent fish. PATOW!!! FISH ON! .67 oz black crappie. Think of this. Better fish differentiation depending on what lure, location/habitat, etc etc has to be made at some point. Certain species are gonna eat what certain species like. Certain species are gonna hang out and behave where and how certain species hang out and behave. Even subspecies have their own things. IE: spotted bass, largemouth bass, small mouth bass. Catching gar off a Crawdad patterned rat l trap (unless you snagged it in the gut) is like catching a northern pike off of a vegetable based carp boilie. You get the picture. Now dont get me wrong. You can catch fish on all kinds of different things. It happens. People have caught 30 pound muskies off of 1 dollar bitsy bug jigs they bought at walmart. Ive caught tiny blugill off 7 inch powerbait worms. Reaction strikes happen. Wierd things happen. But not like this. By all means keep, to a smaller degree, the possibility of these abnormal catches. It is natural. It happens. Fish are not entirely limited to their own things. Just make it less likely. Make the fish eat the way they really do. Like they would in real life. Just make it to where if I go out after bass. And i target them in a way a bass fisherman would. Im not gonna have to wade through one hundred topwater frog hungry walleye, just to get that bass. I love the game. The carp and cats are perfect. Carp are only gonna eat boillies etc and cats are will eat both lures and boilies etc. this is realism. I know this would be a lot of work in development. It would basically be a behavioral rebuild for the fish in the game. I understand that. But if not now. Atleast in the future, this needs to be incorporated into the game. I have a litte bit of hope still that some of the things ive continuously posted on this forum gets through to you guys. Thank you.
  2. Kingfish22

    Kingfish22 Member

    Sep 27, 2018
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    Dude that's too long of a message....email them lol

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