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    The S3 leads from Erkner-Spandau

    The Berlin S3 is 45.6 kilometers long with 30 train stations and a journey time of 70 minutes. The route leads from Erkner through the forest until you slowly drive into Köpenick and see the first houses, offices or shops. Then there is a smaller section of forest before you slowly drive into Berlin city center. From the Ostbahnhof train station, the famous and historic Stadtbahn Viaduct takes you through downtown Berlin. At Alexanderplatz the tallest building in Berlin is already standing next to you, namely the Berlin TV Tower in general, you can see many sights from the Stadtbahn Viadukt, for example the Museum Island or the government district from Berlin Central Station and many other sights before driving on the 20-25 minutes Stadtbahn Viadukt then the Charlottenburg train station means the end of the Stadtbahn, the S3 continues via the Westkreuz train station,
    Olympic Stadium,
    Pichelsberg, Stresow and then the Spandau terminus.

    It should also be mentioned that there is an S3 Express that runs between Erkner and Ostbahnhof and is a few minutes faster than the normal S3 and does not stop at every station.

    As on most lines, the DB BR 481/482 also runs in here
    S-Bahn Berlin traditional paintwork or redesigned.

    DB BR 481/482 in traditional paintwork
    DB BR 481/482 Redesign

    S3 Stations
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