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Bnsf Es44c4 ,et44c4/et44ac,et44ah

Discussion in 'Loco Suggestions & Proposals' started by a.queendoor, Jun 26, 2020.

  1. a.queendoor

    a.queendoor New Member

    Jan 3, 2020
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    The ES44C4 (Evolution Series, 4400 HP, C to denote 3 axles per truck, 4 traction motors) was introduced in 2009. While similar to the ES44AC, the ES44C4 has two traction motors per truck, instead of the conventional three such as on the ES44AC. No ES44C4s with DC traction were built. The center axle of each truck is unpowered, giving an A1A-A1A wheel arrangement. BNSF Railway is the launch customer for this model, ordering an initial batch of 25 units numbered 6600-6624.[7] As of 2020, BNSF Railway currently rosters over 1200 ES44C4 units
    Screenshot_20200627-002013_1.jpg Screenshot_20200627-002042_1.jpg
    The ET44AC (Evolution Series Tier 4, 4400 HP, AC traction) replaces the ES44AC model. These locomotives have been ordered by most of the Class I railroads in North America, including Union Pacific, CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern and Canadian National Railway. BNSF Railway will be receiving similar ET44C4 locomotives, which have no traction motor on the middle axle of each truck. CSX designates their ET44ACs as ET44AH, due to their locomotives being Heavy-ballasted.
  2. jedi247

    jedi247 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2018
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    I really want the ET44s for the game. Also, we need more BNSF content.
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  3. Uncle Chuckles

    Uncle Chuckles Member

    Oct 14, 2019
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    Do we really need more BNSF content? We have around 15 different pieces of BNSF DLC for the game, either it be locomotives or routes. Plus with how BNSF licensing rules are, there are problems with international releases (removing logos). If you want ET44s, Ian (eyein12) has a pack including BNSF variants for sale on his site.

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