Bnsf Heritage4 Es44dc Reskin!

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    Hello all! I've been working on a BNSF Heritage4 Train Simulator 2021 reskin for the DLC ES44DC engine by DTG. Open up the Google Drive link bellow, click the download button in the top right of your screen to download the file. Sorry for the old BNSF logos, I couldnt find a way to change them to the newer ones so I just had to stick with the old one. Hope you'll enjoy my first public reskin anyway!
    (make sure to read the README.txt text file for installation instructions!)
    (Screenshots bellow had ReShade turned on so your's may look a little different)
    RailWorks 2021-04-28 10-29-36 Xquality Preset.png RailWorks 2021-04-28 10-30-25 Xquality Preset.png
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