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    The BR 151 is an electric freight locomotive built for the Deutsche Bundesbahn to replace the older BR 150s,between 1972 & 78 170 of these locomotives were made,with the first loco being 151001 delivered on November 21st 1972.The 151s are used for fast heavy freight services (Max speed of 120kph/75mph) & formerly for banking services.
    Why on MSB?
    In modern times the only train used for banking on the rampe is the 151,so it'd be more realistic than having the 185.2s.
    What would it add?
    It wouldn't add anything since the services are already there,it would just sub in for the freight & banking services.I'm not 100% sure on this but the 151 might also operate on the other German routes.
    Images & Videos

    Photo of the cab

    151 at the SpessartRampe

    Screenshot 2021-04-12 2.12.31 AM.png
    Screenshot 2021-04-12 2.14.07 AM.png Screenshot 2021-04-12 2.15.19 AM.png
    (All of these 151s pictured are doing the banking services)
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    Excellent idea and also the Iron Ore trains if the Faals wagons are added with C-AKV couplers. The way you can tell them from the normal DB BR151s is the yellow warning triangle found on the C-AKV coupler equipped trains
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