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    On haupstrecke rhein-rhur, with the addition of pis screen I have seen that the displays say that the RE11 services go to Dusseldorf and kassel willhelmshohe. But the br 425 pis only has RE11 Hamm [westf] hbf and RE11 M'gladbach. So those destinations will have to put into the br 425 pis so it looks a bit more realistic. Before you reply, I am aware of the layers where the BR 425 doesn't have RE11s and the other trains have the correct destination displays for the journey [but I don't have those routes so can't have the layers]. DTG has two options, either add the right destinations to the br 425 pis or let the nahverkehr dresden [which I have] BR 146.2, BR 766.2 and BR 143 layer/substitute onto haupstrecke rhein-rhur.
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