Bring The Class 700 To Train Sim World! Detailed Points On Why This Should Happen

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    With the Class 700 one of the most requested trains, this should come to Train Sim World.
    The dual-class Class 700 brings variety with both 8- and 12-car variants. All photos taken by myself

    Why the Class 700 do you ask? Well, it would bring several positives, which include:

    - Having the Class 700 layering onto existing routes:
    • London Commuter: Would make the southern half of the route more busier, specifically between Brighton and East Croydon (Bedford and Cambridge-bound services). Additionally, Peterborough services from Horsham (playable from Three Bridges) and Bedford services starting from Gatwick go via Redhill, and will enable stations like Horley etc to be available in timetable mode. Finally, as well as having Thameslink services which stop at Balcombe, the Three Bridges depot would also be included.
    700 at TB 2.jpg
    This Class 700 is seen departing Three Bridges as it heads on the Arun Valley Line towards Horsham
    Redhill TL.jpg
    Introduction of the Class 700 on London Commuter would see more trains go via Redhill (pictured here)

    • Southeastern High Speed: The addition of Thameslink services from Luton to Rainham would allow the latter's Platform 0 to be used again. Meanwhile, with the introduction of the SEHS's extension to Dartford, the Class 700 can be playable as far as here, giving that part of the route more rolling stock variety to complement all the Class 465s.
    • East Coastway: This would be only AI services at Brighton (on the subject of this, the Gatwick Express Class 387 etc also needs adding as AI to ECW).
    - Elsewhere, the Class 700 also has many exciting brand-new route opportunities and, being dual-voltage, allows more areas for it to be used:
    • East Coast Main Line South: Here, some examples of the services the Class 700 performs on this route, including those to Peterborough from Horsham (see above) and would be playable - depending on where the route would start - from either St Pancras Intl or Finsbury Park. Other Thameslink services on ECML South would be Cambridge-Brighton examples, playable from Hitchin to St Pancras Intl/Finsbury Park. Meanwhile, you'd also have Thameslink services to King's Cross from Letchworth Garden City and Cambridge. One final thing is Hornsey Depot, similar to Three Bridges, which would also be included.
    TL 700 at Peterborough.jpg
    This Class 700 is seen at Peterborough as it prepares for the long journey back south to Horsham
    • Midland Main Line: This would be another fantastic route opportunity between Bedford and St Pancras Intl. Again, while I won't list all services present, there is a plethora of different Thameslink services starting from Bedford, complemented by further examples from Luton and St Albans City etc.
    • South London Line: While this route is specifically between London Victoria and London Bridge, you could extend the route further from the latter to add in the Thameslink Core (which allows Thameslink services to go north-south through London, connecting the likes of the Brighton Main Line with the East Coast Main Line and Midland Main Line etc), and would have stations comprising London Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon and St Pancras Intl. Another interesting inclusion of the Thameslink Core is the power change from AC to DC and vice versa.
    • West Coastway: While I'd love for this to come just so we can have another route to use the Class 313, it also brings opportunity for peak-time Class 700 services to Littlehampton (playable from Preston Park where the Brighton Main Line junctions off to the West Coastway).
    • Arun Valley Line: This would only be used on a short part of the route, namely from Three Bridges (on the Brighton Main Line where it junctions off towards Crawley, and then on to Ifield, Faygate, Littlehaven and Horsham) with a journey time of around 20 minutes.
    Final Thoughts:
    The introduction of the Class 700 is a must for Train Sim World! As stated, its big advantage is it can add more variety to existing routes and rolling stock while at the same time could also be used on highly requested routes such as East Coast Main Line South or Midland Main Line etc.

    The Thameslink Class 700 has a couple special liveries - including here on 700/111 - which would be a nice addition to Train Sim World
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    Yes yes yes yes, a local train to me - some of the comfiest and best seats in the country. A must needed ones - hopefully it doesn't turn out like the tsc one though...
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    Bring it on and here's the thing it shouldn't be doing using different sounds taken from Class 395 AC 25kv 50hz while DC 750v DC Third Rail top contact sounds are from Class 444 EMU which is what the sounds are for the class 700 train simulator classic version. TSW 3 version needs either Armstrong Powerhouse or the new third party Allan Thompson Simulator Class 700 patch sounds. From the previous discussions about the class 700 the best value is actually pairing it to the rush hour routes with it representing the Brighton Mainline London Commuter route
    700 155 Trainbow paint.
    The other trains this would come out with if paired to a rush hour Pack
    DBAG Baureihe 411/415 ICE-T Nahverkehr Dresden
    Acela Express Boston Providence in addition to the mentioned class 700
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    Totally agree. The class 700 would be an excellent edition to the game....unless they screw up the physics and sounds like they did on the TS Classic version. The train model was pretty good, but the rest...OMG. They really need to get some help from ATS or AP to make a really good version for TSW. If it's as good as the 465/9, it'll be an excellent addition.
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    Very good suggestion, imo the ecml south route (Kings cross to peterborough) should come out with the class 700 included in the route and it will layer onto southeastern high speed, london commuter and east coastway (ai services) like you mentioned.
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