PlayStation Bug Report Analyzed Until 17/feb On Ps4

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    Dears, good morning.
    I leave here below the main problems identified by me and not solved so far, I hope that the DTG can analyze this list and work on these corrections, if there are more items that you deem necessary to expose, feel free.

    - London Commuter:

    >> 377 SN and 387 GX: sound mixing inside the cabin is still problematic.
    Note: REMEMBER that the sound of these locomotives is perfect, however inside the cabin the mix appears to be incorrect:
    >>>> Low volume: Traction sound and security systems sound;
    >>>> Very high noise: Left window when open and rain, both incompatible with any other locomotive.
    >> Marked slowness when starting a service;
    >> Slow (leg) in London Victoria probably because there are too many trains;
    >> Scenario "Fast Lane" cannot be completed as the objective order is probably wrong. It requests that you arrive at the station and then apply force on the accelerator, however I believe that the correct thing is to apply force and then stop at the station.
    >> In the section between Redhill and Reigate, near the junctions, on the way to Reigate there is a section where the right track is invisible, or does not exist, but it is possible to travel through it without major problems.

    - Dresden:
    >> AI trains stop in the middle of the route, with emphasis on the junction that goes to Meissen, also further north when there is a junction that looks like a "u", and now mainly in the vicinity of Dresden Mitte and Hbf with several trains from immovable cargo, in both situations, it is impossible to complete a journey, given the red lights caused by these trains.
    >> Game Crash (Blue Screen) nearby Dresden Mitte and Hbf
    >> Service failure by advanced red lights by AI trains.

    - Motion Blur:
    Disabling the "Motion Blur" function has not yet been fixed, JD had already informed that it would be fixed months ago and it still hasn't been fixed.

    - LIRR:
    >> M7 Inaudible traction sound, known fault and reported several times, but no solution, M3 seems normal, but it's good to check.
    >>> NYP - Hicksville: Traction sound only audible in the last two cars;
    >>> Hicksville - NYP: Traction sound audible only in the first two cars.

    - Rapid Transit:
    >> Talent 2 texture problematic with distant camera;

    - CN Oakville Subdivision:
    >> Failed intro, game asks to switch to internal camera, but does not recognize and does not allow to complete.

    - Boston Sprinter:
    >> The destination "Stoughton" does not appear in the PIS of the platforms, instead only the order and the time are informed, the destination is blank.
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