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Build Your Bundle - Making Your Own Bundle

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Doomotron, May 10, 2019.

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    Oct 24, 2018
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    On the Origin store, there is a tab where you can make a custom bundle for The Sims 4. You can buy the game and then add on expansion packs and save money over buying it all separately. My idea for TSW (but it could also be put in RW) is where you can make your own bundle to save money, which could entice people into buying the game when the DLC library is much bigger and they feel overwhelmed by it (some people might want to play the game but would be reluctant to buy it because they'd feel they'd be missing out unless they paid a lot of money).

    Let's say that you weren't interested in the current base package of GWE, RT and NEC, and instead just wants to play on British routes. With the Build Your Bundle feature, you could get rid of RT and NEC and replace them with TVL (Tees Valley Line), NTP and WSR, which would cost more than the base game but much less than the base game and all of those routes separately.

    Alternatively, let's say the real-life West Somerset Railway wanted an interactive display at one of the stations, and decided to put the TSW WSR route in a arcade machine (or something like that, it's just an example). They wouldn't want any other route, but they want all of the WSR stuff for TSW, so they'd make a bundle with the WSR route, the Class 33 and the Class 52. This would cost less than the TSW base package.

    A way it could work is by disconnecting the game from the routes. In RW and presumably TSW, when you buy 'the game', you don't buy the game: you buy the core software and some DLC to go with it. With Build Your Bundle, you could download the core software with no content for free (so when you start the game, no routes appear but you have access to the store and Dovetail Live menus). From there you can buy whatever you want. If you did want to buy the base package, you could buy it directly from Steam or the PlayStation and Microsoft stores like you can right now, or if you already have the core software you can buy TSW from the store.

    Alternatively, arrangements could be made with Valve, Sony and Microsoft so that the feature can also be put directly into their respective stores with an interface like Origin's, but this may be out of reach for Dovetail Games. Personally I don't know because I'm not Dovetail Games, but you get the idea of how it would work.
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