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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions & Proposals' started by geloxo, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. geloxo

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    Nov 21, 2018
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    I think camera improvement is a common demand on most of us, and one part of this simulation allows spotting trains as well, so here my two cents:

    - Definitely, remove collision on cams. It´s annoying.

    - Remove the red crosshair on first person cam while walking. We don´t need to know where there´s no interactive actions, but just where we have them. Just keep the white crosshair when there´s an action and get rid of the red one as it doen´t help at all. Or simply replicate the white dot configuration we have for the cab view. If we chose not to display the white dot then don´t display the red crosshair.

    - Distance to train: generally you can´t get a distant picture from train. 2 and 3 cams do not allow you to move far from train, as 8 cam does, but 8 cam also has a limitation in height. Please extend their distance and height limits.

    - Currently the 8 cam is too close to train and it´s not flexible at all. When activated you don´t even have time to manually move it for taking a shot of the train passing by if it´s moving. Please store the manual cam offset as it´s done in 2 and 3 cams, so next time it´s activated it´s done using the last relative position configuration we had used. This would add more flexibility to this cam view as the other cameras have.

    - Add more trackside cameras in addition to 8 cam (switching can be implemented in sequence by 8 key pressings as currently done with 2 and 3 cams):

    • Random pass-by tracking cam like in all previous Train Simulator versions.
    • "Next trackside asset" cam: if you have a level crossing or a station platform ahead let us sit there to see train pass by. This could be available if asset is within 1 mile, for instance, so that you don´t need to seek for them during miles and miles ahead, which I guess would be resource demanding.
    • Next target cam for scenarios and services task: simply place a cam on the next target location. I like to sit next to the wagon to see how the train gets closer to couple to it. This is useful while coupling and can be also nice for train spotting. As before it could be triggered for assets closer than 1 mile or something like that.
    - And please add the station/yards names to the map view. It is so stupid that we can´t see where we are in a map. That´s why it´s called map indeed...

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