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Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by friskey.marcedes, Jul 25, 2021.

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    May 27, 2020
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    After last weeks typical train crash on the corporate DTG slogan of "we always over promise and under deliver" and whoever said that should be fired,etc.
    I was OK with the price rise (typical), delay (typical), routes being cut back(typical) and just raised my eyebrows and laughed to myself BUT when they slipped in that Epic's new free game will have all the updated Real Engine UI etc and all of us who have spent a fortune on the game will have to wait.This was a step too far and hollow comments that they had promised this to Epic some weeks ago doesn't hold up to how we he loyal, long suffering fans have been treated!
    We should lobby DTG to drop everything and get the main system upgrade released ASAP - we don't need the usual teaser countdown either as its free anyway for Steam xbox and PS. If it means delaying Rush Hour again so be it - it might help them justify the inevitable delays further down the line...
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  2. pinxtonpaws

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    Not quite sure why you're so upset because unless I'm very much mistaken the Epic announcement doesn't affect or delay the proposed release of the XBox update and you can still play what you've purchased right up to and beyond whatever date this update happens to arrive. Also, unless you're fortunate enough to own a Series X|S then last gen updates appear to be negligable so it's not like you're getting a brand new game or anything. If you do own a Series S|X then, again, you're getting your smart delivery stuff as DTG intended.

    If you're really that desperate to see it then grab a PC and go download it for free.
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  3. wombleway

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    Apr 14, 2021
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    It's not like the release on Epic is a finished build, either... I don't know why people are getting so angsty about this!

    If you're that bothered to see what's coming, download it yourself for free as the above poster says... It's not just new users, everyone can download it if they want to!
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  4. stujoy

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    Aug 29, 2019
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    You are fine with the price rise which affects you?
    You are fine with the delayed routes which affects you?
    You are fine with the cut back route which affects you?
    But you are livid that someone else is getting something first and that someone else is getting something free, neither of which affect you in the slightest?

    I’m having trouble getting my head around that response.

    It’s like falling over and grazing your knee, dropping your ice cream, and your pocket money falling through a hole in your pocket and rolling down a drain, but you only start crying when you see another child getting new shoes, while you are actually heading to the shoe shop with your mother.
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  5. lukereynolds1

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    Apr 25, 2020
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    From my perspective, I think it's good for the game to be sold in as many stores as possible. The more sales, the more the game can develop and advance, which will benefit us all.

    Of course, it may cause some annoyance that new players get to experience a few new features before others. But, I'm happy to wait it out, and accept the explanation given in last week's stream.
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  6. ethan#3478

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    Feb 7, 2021
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    They get the now engine upgrade they dont get passengers
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  7. Crosstie

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    Dec 8, 2016
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