Chiltern Main Line: Marylebone- Oxford And Bicester North

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    The Line
    Running for 67.9 miles, this stretch of line runs from Marylebone in the Capital to the University town of Oxford. Many different services run along this line including stoppers that run part of the line and semi fast trains that run the full distance. Also, Bicester North will also be included

    Major stations marked in Bold

    Marylebone-Bicester North
    London Marylebone
    Wembley Stadium
    Sudbury & Harrow Road (limited service)
    Sudbury Hill Harrow
    Northolt Park
    South Ruislip
    West Ruislip

    Denham Golf Club
    Gerrards Cross
    Seer Green and Jordans
    Beaconsfield [fact: pronounced Beconsfield :) ]
    High Wycombe
    Princes Risborough
    Haddenham & Thame Parkway
    Bicester North
    Line Diverges
    Bicester Village
    Islip (limited service)
    Oxford Parkway

    Operators and Rolling Stock

    1 operator will be featured, that being Chiltern Railways. 3 trains will be included, those being the: Class 165/0, Class 168/0 and Class 172/1.

    London-Oxford (operated by 168 or 172)
    1tph skipping Haddenham & Thame Parkway and Islip
    1tph making extra stops at the stations above

    London-Birmingham [ends at Bicester North or High Wycombe] (operated by 165,168 or 172)
    1tph skips Bicester North but calls at High Wycombe
    1tph skips High Wycombe but calls at Bicester North

    London-Stratford Upon Avon [ends at Bicester North] (operated by 165,168 or 172)

    London-Aylesbury via High Wycombe (operated by 165,168 or 172)
    1tph to Gerrards Cross (all stops)
    1tph to High Wycombe (semi-fast)
    1tph to Aylesbury (fast to Gerrards Cross then all stops) [ends at Princes Risborough]

    DLC Opportunities
    Rolling Stock
    Class 68 with Mk3 coaches and DVT
    Clubman Sub Variants Pack (168/1, 168/2 and 168/3)
    Class 121 'Bubble Car' (if Princes Risborough- Aylesbury extension is made)
    Extensions (sensible to do)
    Princes Risborough- Aylesbury-7.33 miles
    Bicester North- Banbury-14.35 miles
    Oxford- Didcot Parkway-10.62 miles
    Oxford- Banbury-22.99 miles

    [​IMG] London Marylebone

    [​IMG] High Wycombe

    [​IMG] Oxford

    [​IMG] Bicester North

    [​IMG] 168/0

    [​IMG] 165/0

    [​IMG] 172/1

    Final Words
    I feel this route would make a good addition to TSW2 as it is a modern diesel only line. Also, there is a good mixture of services, plenty for both people who like the slow stoppers or faster services.
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    How many times can I say yes please without getting myself in trouble. This would be a great route. The alternative routing via Harrow on the Hill and Rickmansworth may also prove interesting.
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