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Class 09 Omissions

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by Digital Draftsman, May 31, 2018.

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    I decided I'd start a thread outlining some elements of the Class 09 that DTG have omitted from the simulation. I'll run through the procedure for setting up a Class 08 (which is almost identical to a Class 09), and as omissions arise I'll mention them.

    The first thing to do on approaching the locomotive is to ensure there are no fuel hoses attached, no 'Not To Be Moved' boards, wheel scotches etc. TSW only simulates the fuels hoses, which is fine.

    Next, enter the cab, ensure the Handbrake is on and check for Detonators, Track Circuit Clips, Red Flags and Fire Extinguisher. Also check the level of the fuel header tank. A note here is that the Class 08/09 has two fuel tanks, a large main one and smaller header tank; some locomotives have a manual pump and some have an electric pump. You can see the level of the header tank on the gauge in the cab, circled in the image below.


    Next exit the cab and walk along the right side of the locomotive. Check the sand level in the rear sandbox (not possible in TSW), check the main fuel tank gauge (never seems to change level in TSW?), close the Battery Isolation Switch (not possible in TSW), check all compartment doors are closed and latched, check the sand level in the front sandbox (not possible in TSW). Check the condition of the springs and brake blocks.

    At the front, ensure that the radiator shutters are open (in TSW permanently shut), check all the air/vac pipes/cocks are secure, switch on the marker lights as required and check the water level (not possible in TSW).


    Next the left hand side of the locomotive. This is the same as the right side, with the exception of the fuel gauge. Again there is no BIS in TSW, despite it being present on other locomotives in game.


    The final external checks are on the back of the cab, they are the same as the front except there's no water gauge or shutters to worry about. It's now time to reenter the cab and start the locomotive.


    The Master Key needs to be inserted (it is by default in TSW). Move the master key to the start position and wait for the locomotive start, then move it to the ON position. Check the oil pressure has risen to 20psi (in TSW the gauge doesn't work so it always shows 0psi). Check the battery ammeter needle is in the charge area of the gauge (again this gauge doesn't seem to work in TSW). Wait for air and vacuum to be generated and then test the Straight Air Brake followed by the Train Brake. Test the window wipers, test the sanders front and rear. Apply the Straight Air Brake before releasing the handbrake.

    List of omissions:

    No battery isolation switches fitted, despite being present on other locomotives.
    Main and header fuel tank gauges don't seem to function.
    Oil Temp, Battery Charge and Water Temp gauges don't seem to function.
    Radiator shutters are permanently in the closed position.
    The water level sight glass doesn't function.

    It would also be nice if the Traction Motor Series/Parallel switch was available for use, as well as having the control cubicle accessible for fuses and the Emergency Start Switch. These things might seem like little details, but it's these details that set a simulation apart from a game.
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