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Class 57/3 And /6 Pack

Discussion in 'Loco Suggestions & Proposals' started by class66fan1, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Just virgin Class 57/3 with other liveries included as extra

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  2. Just 57/3 with listed QD options

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  3. Just 57/3 with more QD options

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  4. Just 57/6 with listed QD options

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  5. Just 57/6 with more QD options

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  6. All in one pack with listed QD options

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  7. All in one pack with more QD options

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  1. class66fan1

    class66fan1 Member

    Feb 20, 2018
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    The 57/3 and 57/6 seem to be going unrecognized with the exception of reskins and minor upgrades of the existing class 57 models.

    Another point that also supports the making of this pack is the AP 57 sound pack, being that it was recorded from a 57/6 instead of a 57/0.

    I believe that this pack could be of the 'Pro' standard, with many interesting features to match with the current class 57 packs.

    Both of these 57 variants more often find themselves on passenger workings and charters than freight however do sometimes find themselves on stock moves or rescuing failed trains.

    These locos do find themselves almost anywhere, with 57/3s operating across the UK and 57/6s mainly staying on the western region.

    As for routes this pack could provide scenarios for, the South Wales Coastal, North Wales Coastal Settle and Carlisle, Medway Valley Line, and WCML Trent Valley cover the 57/3 and Paddington-Oxford, Bristol-Exeter and the Riviera Line for the 57/6.

    As for rolling stock, the 57/3 would work with Arriva and WCRC Mk2s and Network Rail engineering stock. The 57/6 would have the GWR Sleeper stock.

    The best scenario potential would be as follows:

    Virgin class 57/3 + new 390 on the North Wales Coastal or Settle and Carlisle

    Arriva class 57/3 on the South Wales Coastal

    GWR class 57/6 on any GWML route (preferably Ox-Padd or Riviera Line)

    The overall stock list (in the form of QD consists) could be as follows:

    Class 57/3:

    Class 57 + Coaches (ATW)
    Class 57 + Coaches (WCRC)
    Class 57 + 390 DIT (Virgin)
    Class 57 Light Engine (ATW, WCRC, Network Rail, DRS, Virgin)

    Class 57/6:

    Class 57 Light Engine (FGW, GWR)
    Class 57 + Summer Saturday Rake (FGW)
    Class 57 + Summer Saturday Rake (GWR)
    Class 57 + Night Riviera Rake (FGW)
    Class 57 + Night Riviera Rake (GWR)

    This could either be a 57/3 pack or a 57/6 pack if not both, with much potential in any option.

    A 57/3 pack would be more useful, with more liveries and the Virgin 57 coming under the new licensing DTG have received and would also work great with the new 390 on the North Wales Coastal and/or potentially the Settle and Carlisle. The other liveries would also be useful with WCRC proving more railtour variety, DRS and Network rail freight options and ATW providing more passenger loco haulage.

    A 57/6 could be included extra or could even be released as a different pack, either way the info above would still apply.

    Overall, these variants of 57 should be looked into due their great potential for all types of service over many routes over the UK.
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  2. Steve woolham

    Steve woolham New Member

    Aug 23, 2018
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    100% agree with this plea, so much wasted potential, the oovee 57 is okay but it's time to get into 2018!! It would be a HUGE seller!!
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