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Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by railhub#5135, Nov 16, 2021.

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    So I have been really interested in downloading and playing this game series because of the passenger mode counting it as one of the best. Sometimes I have faced plenty of bugs in this game and so have other people. I have also been downloading more DLC however, I do see on forums that a lot of people have been facing major bugs in the new routes which I am concerned about to since it makes me wonder whether I can download it or not. The major bugs that are of concern to me and most people are are:
    1) Invisible walls at stations mainly on platforms, few meters ahead of stations and tracks
    2) Red signals at stations not changing causing trains to get stuck
    3) Broken things on routes like flying buildings, broken ground that makes water visible, broken tracks, open tunnels
    4) Inability to interact with certain seats

    Now I am eager to know whether these above major bugs are caused due to problems when downloading the game to the computer where some data was missing and corrupted, is it due to the computer defect or is it due to genuine issues upon development of these routes. I would really like to see what is exactly the cause.

    I am very satisfied with this game and it is best game the only reason why I am sharing this post is because I want to pursue playing this game and I want to ensure that it runs smoothly on my system without the 4 issues in a single route and everyone else is also satisfied. The better way I can ensure that this game is good for me to play is by seeing more customer satisfaction on the functionality of the game.
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    There are many, many bugs in every DLC I have from this company, it's been an ongoing issue for many many years, across all of their releases. Dovetail Games has a production team led by a man who was in charge of the development of the TS20XX series, on an engine that's so old it was probably developed on a Pentium II. This design team lead by this man was in over their head 10 years ago, when they kept pumping out DLC and new editions in what can only be described as the biggest cashgrab in steam history. This process has moved over to their new IP, and the same stale old design logic and pumping out DLC is ever present. Think of it this way, they rush out DLC without fully testing it, not making sure it even meets basic Quality Assurance standards - then they'll go on livestream and as the bugs present themselves joke about how they "missed it", which is just indicative of the type of baked in, old boys club, logic at DTG. Problematic, because I don't think in the twenty plus years I've been gaming, I've ever seen a game developer keep the same production staff for so long, without bringing in new blood ESPECIALLY when moving to a new graphics engine, with a lead designer who was clearly in over his head on the old graphics engine, and the result is - a buggy mess of a game, feeding of the same stale old cycle of pumping out DLC's that are not tested, not finished and filled with bugs.

    I've spent the last two weeks reinstalling my DLC, and most of that time has been spent tweaking Engine.ini files, reading up on the Unreal Engine nomenclature so I have a better understanding of how I can get my top tier computer, which will run any game or audio processing plugin I throw at it (music production), can run MSFS2020 on Ultra, across three monitors getting over 30fps, to run this polished turd with consistent STUTTER FREE frames. The game runs smooth, if it wasn't for the microstutters, horrible use of AA, poorly optimized textures, and don't even get me started about the sound and lighting.

    The Unreal Engine can provide photorealistic video games, with the way it processes shadows and lighting, and yet in TSW the lighting barely casts shadows in some places, looks like it was designed by a 1st Year university programmer, and leads me to believe amongst other things this development team is simply in over their head, and the leadership at DTG should have cleaned house a LONG TIME AGO and brought in new blood, that was well versed on every aspect of Unreal...instead they maintained the old boys club, stiff upper lip, status quo.

    The bugs in this game are atrocious. Last night, across two scenarios on Boston Sprinter - PCS activation out of nowhere about 4 times in the first scenario, didn't use PCS in the next one and couldn't finish the scenario because an AI train was at the station stop. Which leads me to believe that if a player train is late enough, there is no recourse for dispatch to move it to another track. Indeed, the ai/dispatch system is incredibly linear and not adaptable at all as it would be in the real world. And moreover, just incredibly annoying after running a scenario perfectly for 30 minutes, and then you either can't finish it or the bugs cause you to lose your timetable resulting in AI glitches. You'll find a lot of these "micro bugs" in all the DLC, mostly to do with signaling and AI, I find the train performance to be pretty good, maybe they did a good job on Simulgraph, but they clearly don't know how to use Unreal to full effect.

    The much vaunted Scenario Designer is the most frustrating in game editor i have EVER used, and I made a lot of scenarios in TS20XX. It's 2021 guys, and you can't even design an editor that allows basic grouping of start points, locomotive and rolling stock? The scroll nightmare of trying to find something in Off The Rails mode? Use the search feature? Please, why don't you fix your headache inducing GUI. To think that the Scenario Editor they released was actually user friendly or intuitive and then the added insult of slapping on a price tag and charging us for it? Wow.

    It is what it is, spend your money because ATM there's no alternative, but don't expect to see your DLC be patched or even really supported once you make your payment, you're pretty much on your own. Speaking of alternatives, here's to hoping MS picks up the Train Simulator they were developing, and brings in the new AI and Photogrammetry rendering from flight sim, because an open world train sim like flight sim would be something to see, and I would be far more willing to pay $200 outright for a sim that has ALL the content I need, and will be supported by the community and developers for years to come. Rant over, DTG needs to make some major changes to its team.

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