Fishing Sim World Connection Problems

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    Having played this game for quite a few months, I am amazed DTG have not made some kind of useful guide to what happens if things go awry!

    Well, as a player on FSW Pro Tour I have encountered loss of connection during online tournaments. This is extremely annoying, not least of all from the perspective that DTG expect you to have a stable connection for 60 minutes.

    If you lose connection part way through your 60 minute session, the HUD on the right will return your CURRENT as 0. If this happens you nee d to do the following:

    1. Press the menu button
    2. At the top left side, scroll down to SUBMIT/PAUSE and press A
    3. At the next screen press PAUSE.
    4. After this QUIT the game and sort out your connection.
    5. Once you get back connection, log back on and return to the Tournament you were last on. It will not cost you any more TP and will put you back into the Tournament at the exact time you left and at the peg you initially started (without your rods out etc.). You will need to claim that peg again.

    PLEA SE, PLEASE, PLEASE DTG, compile a ‘Bible’ to help fellow Fishermen solve problems with your game. To produce and sell a game without such, is incredulous. Get a grip DTG, we pay your wages!

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