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    Caroline (975025) is an inspection saloon used for rail inspection duties on the UK rail network. It has also been used as a Private car for VIP's on several occasions. The carriage stated life in 1958 at Eastleigh Works as a trailer restaurant buffet car (TRB) S60755, for use in British Rail Class 203 diesel-electric multiple-unit No. 1036 until withdrawal during 1964. These units had a narrow body for the tunnels on the Hastings Line, and is the reason for the narrow width of Caroline. It was previously the Southern Region General Manager's Saloon, having been converted at Stewarts Lane Depot for that purpose in 1969 and re-numbered as 975025 in 1978. For this new lease of life, Caroline was fitted with Southern Region-style multiple working controls allowing usage with British Rail Class 33 and 73 diesel locomotives, and other 1960's SR EMUs. By 1991 it could be seen in Network SouthEast livery.


    Image 1: Caroline (975025) in NSE Livery. (Copyright Steve Dyks)

    In 1999, Caroline was overhauled by Fragonset Railways at the Railway Technical Centre in Derby and transferred to Network Rail. Modifications in the late 2000s converted Caroline to require an electric train heating (ETH) supply and use the 'Blue Star"'multiple working system. After this conversion it was normally propelled by a Class 37 diesel locomotive. The inside of the cab states that Caroline has a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour (160 km/h). In 2008 Caroline was "designated for preservation" following a vote by the Railway Heritage Committee. And as of 2012 the saloon has had push–pull train controls similar to a DVT for a period of several decades, to allow it to remotely control an accompanying locomotive.

    Image 2:
    Caroline (975025) at South Wingfield being propelled by a Direct Rail Services Class 37 locomotive (37423) coupled behind.

    The reason this unique piece of equipment is being proposed for Train Simulator is due to:
    A) It's Livery, the debranded BR/SR Green livery is a perfect modern inspection vehicle livery that does not require licences now or in the future.

    B) It's Versatility, since the vehicle is used for inspections and is fitted with 'Blue Star' MU Working capability. That means Caroline can be used with almost any modern locomotive and be used on a majority of U.K. Main and Branch routes, making it ideal for simulator use.

    C) It's Uniqueness, this vehicle is a one of a kind survivor of days gone past, of days of manual inspection, officials carriages and Thumpers. It has already been earmarked because of it's heritage for permanent preservation.

    Caroline (975025) could come to the simulator in a independent Marketplace Pack with the Debranded BR/SR Green Livery, a working cab and possibly other livery's like BR Blue and NSE (as seen above).

    Thank you for taking your time to read this proposal and enjoy the other images below to savour until we may see this fantastic vehicle in the simulator in the future.



    Image 3: The driving controls of Caroline (975025) for current Network Rail use.


    Image 4: The interior of Caroline (975025) with moveable sitting chairs and tables and wide open observation windows.


    Image 5: Caroline (975025) at Penzance with an unidentified Class 37 (Possibly the BR Green Network Rail 37507). Here we can clearly see many details like, the nameplate, modern lights, door arrangement and MU working indicator of 'Blue Star'. (Copyright Roger Salter)
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    Sorry Dan for coming late to the party but I agree, I think it would be a great addition to TS.
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