Cork Suburban Rail (mallow-youghal/cobh Line)

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    This route follows the Mallow-Youghal/Cobh line, which will allow players to drive the commuter services out of Cork Kent to Mallow, Midleton, and Cobh.
    This can be broken down into 3 mini routes, Cork Kent - Mallow (2 stations, 21 miles), Cork Kent - Midleton (5 stations, 12 miles), and Cork Kent - Cobh (7 stations, 10 miles).
    Overall this route features 10 stations, and 43.5 miles of track.
    Originally, this route would have featured 18 stations instead of 10, and an extra 14.3 miles of track between Midleton and Youghal. The 8 extra stations were closed in the early 1960s, so a 1950s version of the route would be a viable alternative which wouldn't have too much overlap with the modern version.
    This could be broken down as follows: Cork Kent - Mallow (5 stations, 21 miles), Cork Kent - Youghal (10 stations, 26.5 miles), and Cork Kent - Cobh (9 stations, 10 miles). Overall length of the 50s route is around 58 miles.
    The current route is shown in red, with the closed line between Midleton and Youghal shown in orange.

    Modern Rolling Stock
    IE 2600 Class - IE 2600 Class is a 2 car DMU that serves as the main rolling stock on the Cork Suburban Rail Routes. These were introduced in 1994 and were the last train to be delivered to IE with the old IR logo.
    The simple nature of the train, in addition to its opening windows lead to this train being nicknamed "The Cattle Car".
    IE 2800 Class - Another 2 car DMU, these primarily operate out of Limerick, but do operate on the Cork Suburban Rail network as substitutes for IE 2600 Class DMUs that are undergoing maintenance at Limerick.
    These can be coupled with the IE 2600 Class to form a 4 car train.
    IE 201 Class - Primarily used on the Intercity services between Cork Kent and Dublin, pulling IE Mk4 Coaches and a Mk4 DVT, these are also used alongside the CIE 071 Class on railtours to Cobh.
    As the older GE locomotives are being withdrawn, some are now being used to haul freight trains.
    IE Mk4 Coaches + DVT - In use on the Cork - Dublin services, hauled by the IE 201 Class locomotives,
    these replaced the older Mk2 and Mk3 coaches in 2006.
    CIE 071 Class - Another locomotive used to haul railtours to Cobh, these were originally used on all routes of the Mallow-Youghal/Cobh Line from the late 1970s, before being replaced by the DMUs and IE 201 Class locomotives that now run on the line. In addition to railtours, these locomotives are also used on weedkilling and track maintenance trains.
    Cravens Standard Class Coaches (Railtour Coaches) - These coaches were in use by IE between 1963 and 2006. When withdrawn and preserved, these were repainted into their current blue and cream colours to prevent them from being confused with the coaches still owned by IE.
    IE 2700/2750 Class - Operating out of Limerick between 1997 and 2012, the entire fleet is now in storage at Inchicore works in Cork. While these didn't historically run on the Cork Suburban rail network, it wouldn't be implausible for one or two to be brought out of retirement to suppliment the IE 2600 Class fleet should one need to go away for repairs, and the IE 2800 Class trains that typically serve as substitutes not be available.

    1950s/early 1960s Rolling Stock
    CIE 001 Class - The backbone of the CIE fleet from 1955 to 1994, these were replaced by the IE 201 Class. (Note: Picture from 1980s.)
    CIE 121 Class - Introduced in 1961, these were the first American built locomotives to operate in Europe. Despite being built as 'road switchers', all but 3 were fitted with door controls and were used on passenger services in addition to freight duties.
    CIE 141 Class - Introduced in 1963, these were an updated version of the CIE 121 Class which featured a cab at both ends.
    CIE 601 Class - German built switchers that were used by CIE between the late 1950s and the early 1970s.
    (No Picture)
    List of some of the steam locomotives seen on the route between 1949 and 1961 (no pictures):
    CI B1A
    CI B4
    CI F1
    CI F6
    CI FN1
    CI G1
    CI J9
    CI J11
    CI J15

    Feel free to comment.
    Would include a poll, but can't see an option for one.

    I forgot to list the stations on the route earlier, but here's the list.
    Mallow (Terminus)
    Mourne Abbey (1950s version only)
    Rathduff (1950s version only)
    Blarney (1950s version only)
    Cork Kent
    Tivoli (1950s version only)
    Dunkettle (1950s version only)
    Little Island
    Cobh (Terminus)
    Midleton (Modern Terminus)
    Mogeely (1950s version only)
    Killeagh (1950s version only)
    Youghal (1950s Terminus)
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