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Cornish Dave's Thoughts On Tsw 2

Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by dave from Cornwall, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. dave from Cornwall

    dave from Cornwall Member

    Jan 10, 2020
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    Okay...hands up I have only played on the bakerloo line...seeing as I have yet to work out how to break the cycle of keep playing the bakerloo line. Its more like the circle line as I cant get out of it. Yes before you all shout at me use the menu feature, true, but then that wouldnt work for my bad attempt at humour.

    I like the one touch door opening feature- except a naturally keep opening the left doors through reflex even when I am meant to be shutting the right doors.

    Which then leads me to the niggle that once I have opened and closed the wrong doors, its seems that I need to go through a faff of opening and shutting the correct doors again before I can move?

    So tunnels and darkness. I am not sure why so many people asked for the underground? As the tunnels are quite boring until it wakes you up as a jolt as you hit bend and you get the wheel screech, and then the run in the outside is again quite boring as everyone has rightly mentioned there are no trains on the mainline beside us to at least watch. Once outside the game keeps stuttering and I have to cross my fingers, save and hope that it isn't going to do a Miles Platting on me. So far it hasn't, but after playing for half an hour or so and getting outside, I don't want it to crash!

    As I assume the CPU wouldnt allow for hundreds of passengers as I do find driving around the empty tube slightly sole destroying.

    Talking of passengers on which ever scenario it was (as I am in a continuous thingy I am not sure when when stopped and the other begins) you do the swap ends at the end of the line, all the passengers are still on the train and you have to avoid them when getting to the other end of the train...doh.

    Once I can escape the Bakerloo line I will try Germany and America...all I can say is its not Cornwall :)

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