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    Several eagle-eyed players spotted that in the Train Sim World 2 roadmap we'd included a code for each route or loco mentioned. What does this mean? Is it a sign of things to come?

    More impressively, several of you worked out what the individual aspects of the code referred to (I had a bet with the boss that you would, thanks!)

    Here's how it breaks down:

    The code takes the format ABB-CD XX.

    A is the region in which the route, loco or train is based. We've covered:
    • C - Switzerland
    • D - Germany
    • F - France
    • G - Great Britain
    • N - North America
    BB are the traction types employed. Frequently there will only be one traction type in use, in which case we repeat the letter, however this allows for multiple traction variants:
    • A Steam (both low and high pressure)
    • B Electric AC
    • C Electric DC (including Battery)
    • D Diesel Electric
    • E Electro-Diesel
    • F Diesel Mechanical
    • G Diesel Hydraulic (both Hydrostatic and Hydrokinetic)
    • H Diesel Steam
    • J Diesel Pneumatic
    • K Electric Multi-Current
    • L Gas Turbine-Electric
    • M Maglev
    • N Atomic-Electric (including nuclear fission or fusion based)
    • P Jet Turbine-Electric (including Turbojet Turbine)
    • Q Fuel-Cell-Electric (Hydro-Electrolysis)
    • R Hydrogen-Electric (Hydro-Combustion)
    • S Hybrid-Electric
    • S For odd types such as Petrol and Kerosene
    C is quite straight forward - what type of add-on are we referring to:
    • L Loco
    • R Route
    D is the year the in which the add-on is set (not the years the route/loco was/is active, the specific year we used to set the release in):
    • 1 1825 to 1860
    • 2 1861 to 1885
    • 3 1886 to 1910
    • 4 1911 to 1950
    • 5 1951 to 1990
    • 6 1991 to 2010
    • 7 2011 +
    Finally, the XX is the unique number for that release if it duplicates another with the same settings above. In the case of GDF-R5 01, that's Northern Trans-Pennine, GDF-R5 02 is Tees Valley Line.

    These codes will be associated with every route and loco that appear in Train Sim World 2 as a means of helping collectors understand at a glance which add-ons are closely related, and therefore likely to be cross-compatible. It also gives you an early insight into when each of the new items release is set.
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