Creator’s Club - What You Need To Know.

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    Creator’s club launches on the 24th of Feburary and this will be a staggered release starting from 10am GMT. Similarly to how a new add-ons launch.

    Dovetail Live

    You will need the latest version of Train Sim World 2 with the latest update that adds the Creators Club Beta. A Dovetail Live account is also required to access and use the Creators Club, if you don't already have one you can create it here:

    When logging out of Dovetail Live you will see a message explaining the risks. This includes information such as losing dovetail live data. We do not expect this to impact your Railfan shots which were taken for Creator’s Club.

    You will be asked/required to logout and back in again after receiving the update.

    Existing Livery Designer / Scenario Planner creation

    From the moment the Creators Club Beta is launched, liveries and scenarios you've already created will be compatible and shareable.

    You will need to capture images of your liveries using the Railfan Shots functionality.

    See here for the most up to date guide explaining how to capture a Railfan Shot

    Within Scenario Planner, the weather will default to what you last used within service mode. So you will need to provide instructions for players in the description with setting dates and weather. When downloading a scenario yourself you will need to set that up manually.


    You are not permitted to upload any mods that infringe any copyright under the Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy for the Creators Club Beta. Some rail operators have consented to allow their brands to be used in the Creators Club Beta.

    In case you missed it - watch Matt and JD showing how the Creator’s Club tool will work on stream.

    We will continue to update this thread throughout the day with helpful information, so please check back regularly.
    FAQ's will be posted shortly which will also help to answer a large amount of questions the community have.
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