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Csx A-line: Florence, Sc To Charleston, Sc (or Savannah, Ga)

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by Daniel Gibbs, Oct 26, 2018.

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  1. Daniel Gibbs

    Daniel Gibbs Active Member

    Feb 8, 2018
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    I think another great addition to Train Simulator would be the CSX A-Line: Florence, SC to Charleston, SC (or perhaps to Savannah, GA). Formerly owned by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, the route runs from Richmond, VA to Tampa, FL, but in TS, it would run 95 miles from Florence, SC to Charleston, SC, or 196 miles all the way from Florence to Savannah, GA.

    Depending on other players' preferences, it shall be set in the CSX era or even the pre-CSX era, like ACL, SCL, or the Seaboard System.

    One of the most famous ACL streamliners that ran the route was The Champion. It was often hauled by an E3, a set of E6's, E7's, or E8's. It ran under the Atlantic Coast Line, Seaboard Coast Line, and Amtrak until it was discontinued in 1979.

    As of today, this section of the CSX A-Line sees plenty of freight traffic, such as intermodal, grain, coal, mixed freight, and more! Additionally, it sees Amtrak trains #89/90 (The Palmetto), #97/98 (The Silver Meteor), and #52/53 (The Auto Train), all of which run daily. Some trains work the yard in Florence. The Amtrak stations in Florence and Savannah are also crew change points for the Palmetto and Silver Meteor.

    Should the route be set in the modern era, I think it should include the ES44AC (YN3 and YN3b), the ES40DC, the SD70MAC (w/ Flared Radiators), and an SD40-2 (w/ Nose Headlights). Plus, a variety of appropriate freight cars, such as a 50' boxcar, a tank car, a reefer car (w/ Tropicana Markings), a coal hopper, an autorack (the line occasionally sees autoracks), spine flatcars, and more! Additionally, I think it should include the P42DC, the new Viewliner II's, the Viewliner I sleepers, and Amfleets!

    Should the route be set in the ACL or SCL era, I think it should include F-Units, E-Units, Early Geeps, and/or GE U-Boats. Plus, a variety of era-appropriate freight and passenger cars.
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