Bug/Issue Custom Livery Mkiii Carriages Not Appearing & Compatibilities

Discussion in 'Formation Designer Discussion' started by Wee Duck, Feb 18, 2024.

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    Mar 8, 2023
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    Firstly, I wanted to say a large thank you for adding in Formation Designer (FD). It's been some thing I've been awaiting awhile now & the beta so far seems to be good, especially for something in the early stages!

    I just wanted to note, whilst I'm able to load in GWE MKIII carriages on their own in FD in the bog standard GWR livery, none of the liveries that I've created in LD are appearing in FD, & neither are any of the ones from CC. This issue is for both the full HST train set (2+4, 2+7, 2+8) & the carriages on their own.

    This livery issue also occurs on other trains, but not on all (the 66, 37 seem to work, whilst the 801 doesn't).

    I also just wanted to note the GWE MKIIIs don't seem to be compatible with the 66, currently?


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