Db Br 146 & Br 185 Faults

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    - Wrong spelling on NBÜ label (Wrong: Nur "0" order "DB NBÜ-ep" zulässig. Correct: Nur "0" oder "DB NBÜ-ep zulässig) 20190428155400_1.jpg
    - HUD spelling error on NBÜ/ep switch on position "UIC NBÜ-ep" (HUD says "UIC NBU-ep") 20190428160955_1.jpg
    - Door selector is flipped 180° (long end of the switch shows the current position, not the short one)
    Sim: Locked
    Real: Both unlocked
    Sim: Both unlocked
    Real: Locked
    - Door control light wrong. Real light is located underneath the power indicator.
    - Door control system TAV (BR 146, 766.2 DBpbzfa, BR 143, BR 182) is incorrect. When unlocking the doors with the TB0 Switch (white door lever), the doors do not open but the passengers are able to open the doors with individual buttons located on or near the doors. When a door does not register any movement between the doors for a preset time, the doors close but remain able to be opened. For locking the doors the black switch is returned into the lock position and the doors close and lock automatically. The TB0 Switch is only used for force close, which is only allowed if the driver has checked, that no one is trapped in the doors.
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    What is the NBÜ/EP switch? And in game does something?

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