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Db Class 155 - Lew Hennigsdorf

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Marc Artigues, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Marc Artigues

    Marc Artigues New Member

    May 27, 2018
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    Just a little bit introduction...
    The idea of this post is to inform, and explain some characteristics about the locomotive, to use, in one hand, to apply in the game if it’s possible, and by the other hand, maybe for someone it’s interesting to read.

    All the information is mine, and maybe there will be some errors, if it’s, please, replay and I will modify.

    Class 155 - The Electric Container.


    Chapter 1: Leuchtmelder. ( Light Panel )
    In all locomotives, you have an indicator panel, showing the state of the locomotive and if there is any kind of fault, or something to take care.
    Electric Class 155 have it up to the radio GSM-R console, a black box, with some “strange” letters.


    Starting from up and down, and left to right we have the following letters, and the meaning is:

    • HT - Haupttrafo ( Main Transformer )
    - Transformer Oil Temperature > 75 Celsius Degrees.
    - Buchholz Relay Protection.
    No lighting:
    - Temperature in Transformer OK.

    • E - Isolation ( Traction Insulation )
    - Insulation in a Traction Motor.
    No lighting:
    - All Traction Motors working.

    • FML - Fahrmotorlüfter ( Traction Motor Blowers )
    - Traction Motor Blowers working.
    No lighting
    - Traction Motor Blowers not working.

    MTS - Trennschütze ( Contactors )
    - Fault in a contactor.
    No Lighting:
    - Electrical Equipment OK.

    • HB - Hilfsbetriebe ( Auxiliary Services )
    - Overtemperature in Auxiliary Services.
    No lighting:
    - Temperature in Auxiliary Services OK.

    IS - Übertstrom - Schaltwerk ( Overcurrent - Circuit Breaker )
    - Overcurrent in Electrical Equipment.
    - Circuit Breaker Open.
    No Lighting:
    - Electrical Equipment OK.

    • S-G - Schleudern - Gleiten ( Slip )

    ÖLP - Öilpumpe ( Transformer Oil Pump )
    Low oil circulation in Main Transformer.
    No lighting:
    Correct pressure in the transformer oil circuit.

    HLL - Hauptluftleitung ( Main Reservoir )
    Low pressure in brake circuits.
    No lighting:
    Brake Pressures OK.

    • A - Anchslastausgleis ( Compensation )
    - Axel Load Compensation Effective.

    • BAT - Batterie ( Battery )
    - Locomotive using battery current.
    - Fault in the Battery Charger.
    No Lighting:
    - Battery Charger working.
    - Locomotive using overhead line voltage.

    Then you have some combinations of some of this lights, that means the next:

    HB - FML - MTS - ÖLP
    - Overtemperature in Traction Motors Converter.

    HB - ÖLP
    - Overtemperature in Traction Motors Oil Pump.

    HB - FML - MTS
    - Overtemperature in Traction Motors Blowers.

    HT - MTS
    - Transformer Oil Temperature > 85 Celsius Degrees.

    HT - HS
    - Buchholz Relay Protection - GAS
    - Transformer Protection - FIRE

    Now with this, it’s possible to try to simulate some kind of failures in the locomotive, or for example, when the traction motor blowers are active, illuminate the FML, or when starting the locomotive, and the pantograph it’s not raised up, and the MCB ( HS ) is open, the BAT light must be on...this things in TS2020 are represented and it’s a so good locomotive and in TSW it’s quite poor, little details.

    Thanks for reading, I want to do more chapters explaining more things about this locomotive ( and maybe others ) and how I think that is possible to apply inside the simulator to improve the realism and the playability, not only the Emergency Brake Failure that is include in Rhein Rhur Osten.

    I hope it was still interesting.
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  2. hyperlord

    hyperlord Well-Known Member

    May 20, 2019
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    There's a typo in S-G (Schleudern)

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