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    Hi all!
    From my experience, even as someone who's relatively involved in the community and follows news often, it's honestly not all that easy to piece together some of the infos and disclaimers concerning a route. I doubt most casual players are happy to look through DTL news articles, product descriptions and roadmap streams to search for a more detailed look about a route they're interested in. In the name of transparency and clearer communication with your customers, I'd like to propose a feature which ideally would be an in-game solution for this issue. My suggestion: the route info button/view.

    Example of how it might look

    This button could show a semi-translucent popup window, which just holds plain text. It could include things like which year the scenery and timetable is from, and might also be good for clearing up time-wise inconsistencies, like in the case of Dresden-Chemnitz where the route and passenger services are from a different year than the Railpool freight services and/or liveries. Inaccuracies could be explained here too, like for the New Journeys Expansion's BR423 on SKA having the refurbished Munich S-Bahn interior, when irl they don't have that on this route. Another example I can think of is listing which vehicles are barred from upload to CC, or which vehicles might have their features temporarily removed. (like with the case of the RABe 523)

    Lastly, a suggestion for this feature which might even positively affect your sales: a clearer explainer of the layers included for this route. This means you could not just openly state which other DLCs add layers to a route and what kinds of services get added, but also show if each of the layers is "active", and if the player is missing a DLC for it, there could be a link to your store.

    Hope you like this idea! Let me know if I've missed some obvious things which could be included in a feature like this!

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