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Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by lcyrrjp, Aug 10, 2021.

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    I enjoy the DMU and Class 31 hauled slow and semi-fast services on Diesel Legends. I'd like to spend some time driving the Western, and the 45/47 on heavier trains than is possible on Northern Trans-Pennine. The problem is, the fast services on Diesel Legends are incredibly boring. Leave point of origin, full power, do nothing for 35 miles. Brake for destination station. The end. The Great Western Mainline is a fabulous piece of engineering, but mind-numbing for the Driver as a result.

    Has anyone come across any 45/47/52 hauled trains which have a Slough call, at least, to relieve the monotony? A call anywhere would be fine, but Slough is the only intermediate station I'm aware of having some 'fast' trains stopping there in reality.

    Thank you.
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    I don’t believe there are any but I could be wrong. I sometimes just stop there anyway. It makes me late at the end but it makes the run better.
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