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    The BR 363 being on the roadmap was quite a surprise, after the Class 313 appearing confirmed that new DLCs would be made for the preserved collection, that was at least understandable as being made for the newest TSW2020 DLCs, while this one is coming for a DLC from 2018!

    So given DTG are willing to implement new locos in older routes, here are three suggestions of things I would really like to see

    LIRR - DM30AC
    This is what I would like to see most, a bi-mode offers new gameplay and a lot of interesting scenario potential, and the timetable layer would really fill out LIRR, particularly Long Island City which is a bit dead at the moment.

    TVL - Class 143

    The Pacer seems a very obvious inclusion for Tees Valley Line, indeed by 1989 they were starting to become more common in the area than the first generation DMUs. A nice bonus inclusion in such a DLC would be a Regional Railways livery for the Class 101.

    WSR - Class 115
    The West Somerset Railway has several of these in BR Green livery. A new timetable layer adding them (potentially with swapping of the BR Blue 101 from TVL/NTP) would help the route look a bit busier.

    What new DLC add-ons would you like to see for the older routes?
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    Class 59, 165 and 180 on GWE
    Branch lines on GWE

    Class 25, 123, 124, 128 and 141 on NTP
    Bury branch and class 504 on NTP

    Class 56, 142 and 143 on TVL

    Class 14, 35, 42 (possibly 22, 41 and 120), 115 and 117 on WSR

    Extension to Hastings/Ore and Lewes to Keymer Junction with Class 73 and 171 on ECW

    Class 03 and 05 shunters and IoW Steam Railway for IOW
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