Double Length Ice Timetable Services On Hma

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by space_ace96, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. space_ace96

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    Sep 24, 2019
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    Does anyone else notice the services with two ICE 3 trainsets coupled together don't show up in services? For a while I just assumed they were random. Once I was driving a RE service and saw one come by. I exited out and picked the three or four services that could've been that train and all of them were single length. Later, I was driving an S-Bahn out of Munich and saw a double length one leave Munich Hbf to go to the depot. I went back to the depot runs at all within a half hour in either direction of that time. So then I started thinking maybe they were AI-control-only like the 12 car 377s to/from London in ECW. I spawned onto the platform at the time I saw the double length train leave and tried to take it over, and the game let me. It sure enough was a depot run out of Munich that wasn't on the timetable. I didn't finish it because I didn't want to potentially break something if this wasn't supposed to happen, but now it's clear that all double length ICE services are hidden on the timetable. I even tried pressing Q at the train selection menu to change the length like you have to do on LIRR, and it's not an option. Has anyone else noticed this?
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  2. Rudolf

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    There is at least one, but I forgot which one.
  3. WonterRail

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    Aug 4, 2018
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    I can confirm that there are 13 Double-Length ICE services on HMA that don't show up in the service selection. Here is a list of those services:
    • 2:48 ICE 615 (Westbound ICE)
    • 5:32 ICE 619 (Eastbound ICE)
    • 7:05 ICE 802 (Westbound ICE)
    • 9:42 ICE 991 (Eastbound ICE)
    • 10:15 ICE to Depot
    • 11:27 Depot to München
    • 11:47 ICE 596 (Westbound ICE)
    • 16:21 ICE 705 (Eastbound ICE)
    • 16:54 ICE to Depot
    • 17:27 Depot to München
    • 17:47 ICE 590 (Westbound ICE)
    • 20:41 ICE 611 (Eastbound ICE)
    • 21:14 ICE to Depot
    The best way to access these services is to spawn just before they start, go sit in the drivers seat and then wait for the service to start, but i do feel like they should be listed in the service selection.
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  4. Articuno

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    Nov 16, 2018
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    I just drove one of these services yesterday. Does anyone know a reason why these services aren't listed in the timetable selection? Is this a bug that needs to be reported or is it intentional?
  5. Nozomi329

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    Jun 6, 2019
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    I've been having trouble with spawning at Munich with double length trains in scenario editor. The train derails when I start the scenario. What's also strange is that this happens with BR403 instead of BR406...

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