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Double Trouble

Discussion in 'PC' started by Scorpion71, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Scorpion71

    Scorpion71 Active Member

    Oct 24, 2017
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    Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but having problems with a double headed 40 on an Oil Tanker service, I just can't get it to go over 20mph! Any idea's what I need to do? I use the same technique on a single 40 Oil Tanker service and all is well but I just can't get anywhere when there's two of them.

    I've had a look in the manual but doesn't mention anything specific about double headed loco's
  2. Vinnie

    Vinnie Active Member

    Aug 22, 2018
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    Not sure exactly what is causing this but here's some tips:

    Brakes setup to air goods? (check the panel behind driver's sit on the N°2 cab only) For this specific service with the TEA oil tanker.

    Look for the brake gauges and check if there's air holding the train, if you try to release brakes and they not correspond look for the vacuum/hte valve on the second mans side of the cab, next to the handbrake.

    If you're at a banked section like 1.0% or more(check your HUD above the speedometer)It's more likely that the lomocotive will struggle.

    Give it a try, hope it helps.
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  3. LastTrainToClarksville

    LastTrainToClarksville Well-Known Member

    Oct 12, 2017
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    I drove a similar service a couple of days ago. To pass the time, I found myself looking around the cab and noticed that the brakes were set to passenger, so I changed them to freight, which didn't make any difference to the train's performance. However, it does seem strange that the service's opening instructions didn't mention this setting.

    The BR Heavy Freight DLC's user's manual includes a very lengthy set-up procedure for the BR Class 40 that begins with a series of actions in the rear cab, including this passage about brake selection:
    "If the rear cab is also the No.2 Cab, ensure the brake mode selection switch is also set to the appropriate setting for your train. For light loco running, ensure it is set to Air Brake Passenger mode. The brake mode setting alters how quickly the brakes apply and release. For goods/freight trains, the brakes apply and release a little slower which minimises “snatching” (where trailing vehicles violently move back and forth in response to the brakes catching) and therefore excessive strain on the vehicle couplings." There's also this about the brake setting in the front cab: "Check the appropriate brake mode indication is shown on the Secondman’s side of the cab."

    Here's hoping that TSW 2020 will provide more thorough instructions to both tutorials and scenarios / services, as indicated in the most recent hoop-la.
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