PlayStation Dresden: Br143 Speed Selector/afb

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Doyden, Sep 13, 2021.

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    The name of the main speed control changes between Speed Selector and AFB.

    E.g launch the BR143 introduction and the main speed controller is labelled Speed Selector when you hover your pointer over it or in the labels on the right when you make speed adjustments.

    Now go into timetable, select the BR143 and choose a service, e.g. 06:51. Once in the cab, the very same control is now labelled AFB and AFB appears on the right when making speed adjustments.

    I note that I can press square when choosing the BR143 and there are two available. The one on the left gives AFB, the one on the right gives Speed Selector.

    I have no way of identifying which of the two is the new improved version (sounds and physics)
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    Iirc the old BR143 does not have a brake key. Another way to verify it is the new BR143 (and this check is 100% accurate) is to go into the engine room and make sure that there is a functioning GPR-switch there.
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