PlayStation Dtg Please Tell Skyhook Games To Fix The Texture Mess On The Ac4400cw In The Livery Editor

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by torben.meyer1995, Nov 26, 2021.

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    So even after the latest update from Skyhook games that addressed various issues of the AC4400CW one of the issues that is still not resolved is the livery editor function. It is a nightmare to edit. Adding different colors to the locomotive results in it being spread all over the lower portion of the locomotive i.e the plough, the fuel tanks and the railing in an extremely ugly meshlike pattern. The only way around this is to use dark colors so that the fuel tanks don’t inadvertently glow in a bright shade of orange, red or yellow. I have no issue with being able to edit the lower portion of the locomotive but it shouldn’t glitch out by covering the entire locomotive in white, red or whichever color of the layer you were trying to add. As stated it is impossible to edit properly. I highly doubt Skyhook games are even aware of the issue here. I submitted a support ticket back in August and I am shocked to see that even in the newest update for the route that this issue has not been addressed!

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